A Woman’s Worthy Character ~

A Woman’s Worthy Character

Prepared by: Teresa Haley 2013


What is Character?

The action you take to carry out the values,
ethics and morals that you believe in.

Consistency between what you say you will
do and what you actually do.

Putting the ethics into action.

Defines, builds, or breaks your reputation.

Moral strength. It takes moral courage to do
what is right when it may cost more than you
are willing to pay.

Who you are and what you do when no one
is looking.

“What is wrong is wrong, even if everyone is
doing it. Right is still right, even if no one
else is doing it.” – William Penn

A husband expects his wife to be kinder, more patient and understanding than he is and considers himself the more undefined creature of the human race. If a man becomes thoughtless, harsh or critical, he may be willing to overlook it in himself, but is disappointed to see the woman fall onto his level. There are many virtues of character – all worthy of effort to acquire. The following however, are ten of the most essential. Several of these are particularly important to women.

Qualities of Character

  • Self-Mastery

Self-mastery is the foundation of a worthy character.  We indicate lack of self-mastery in our failure to remain on a diet, our unbridled tongues, our inability to keep confidences, failure to be prompt, and the failure to fulfill responsibilities.

There are numerous ways of gaining self-mastery. One of the most useful is the example set by the Savior, that of fasting. By depriving ourselves of food for a period of time we gain a self-control that strengthens one for the challenges of life.

  • Unselfishness

Regard for others-for their happiness, their success and comfort indicates an unselfish person.  Women especially are inclined to be self-centered and think in terms of “ my children, my husband’s success, my house, my wardrobe.”  Even our special problems dominate our thinking.

  • Benevolence

What is benevolence?   The greatest good comes from lifting a person’s spirit and giving hope and purpose to their lives.  Those in need of help often show it in their eyes.  Young people who are discouraged look downcast.  True benevolence is to seek out the downcast and discouraged and restore their souls.

  • Moral Courage

Often it is the lack of moral courage that causes us to fail to follow our convictions.  Fear of ridicule, fear of criticism keep us from reaching our goals.  You may have a day of housecleaning planned at home.  Then someone calls you on the telephone and occupies your time.  The fear of offending keeps you from indicating your boredom.  And thus your life runs you instead of you running it.

  • Patience

There are four ways we need patience:

  • Patience with people
  • Patience with tasks
  • Patience to look for the brighter day
  • Chastity

There is a relaxing of moral standards in our present time even among those who profess Christianity.  Women are often unchaste in appearance and often invite sensual desire in men other than their husbands by their immodest clothes, their loose actions and mannerisms, their coy glances, their extreme flattery.

  • Honesty

Few of us would steal or bear false witness, or tell obvious lies, but there are common ways that we fall into dishonesty.  1.  Fear of criticism or disapproval byy making up excuses. 2.  Money – the root of our dishonesty.

  • Humility

There are three ways we need to have humility:

  • With worldly goods
  • With knowledge
  • Righteousness
  • Self-Dignity

There are women who lack self-dignity by being too servile.  They wait upon their families from morning unto night and are not mothers, and wives, but slaves.  Also lacking  in self-dignity is the woman who strives valiantly to please her husband, while neglecting her own personal needs.  When a women is too servile, too willing to please and will allow mistreatment, or when she in any way appears in an inferior position to her husband, she does not have the queenly quality of self-dignity. 

  • Tenderness and Gentleness

There is a quality of character which is vital to our ideal woman- and it is tenderness and gentleness.  This is a quality which is a combination of several virtues, such as sympathy, benevolence, understanding, compassion, patience, long suffering and kindness.

This quality is an attractive quality of character you display to others through your feminine manner.  It is difficult, if not impossible, for a woman to be truly feminine without this character trait, for if she is harsh, critical, or bitter, feminine charm is destroyed.

Women who are weak in character lose their charm.  They may have perfect physical features, yet there will be a hard expression about their mouth, coldness to the eyes, or an irritation on the otherwise fair forehead and a droop to the shoulders that spoil their beauty.  The shadowy hint of an unworthy character will mar the beauty of an otherwise perfect face.


How to Build Worthy Character

  1. Draw close to God: To build character, draw close to God and live a righteous life. When you do, you bring the Spirit of God into your life, and with it, the fruits of the spirit.  Galatians 5:22 Love, joy, peace, long suffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness and temperance.
  2. Labor:  As we devote ourselves to our daily duty, the mother caring for the family, and the father providing a living for them, we grow in character.  Such patient devotion to duty builds strong character traits- self-control, unselfishness, patience, diligence, dependability, moral courage, and a keen sense of responsibility.
  3. Suffering:  Suffering builds character. It refines and purifies.  A noble character is not born in a Sunday School class. It must be hammered and forged in the fiery furnace of life.  Those who endure suffering patiently, grow in character.  High goals bring suffering.  The walk of the Christian on the road to perfection brings suffering of the finest kind.

 How to Quickly Mar your Character:

  1. Lower your personal standards
  2. Be critical of your husband
  3. Raise your voice harshly to your children
  4. Be fault-finding of others
  5. Neglect your housework
  6. Neglect your outward appearance
  7. Fail to stick on your diet
  8. Be selfish and self-centered, thinking only of yourself
  9. Acquire a proud look in the presence of the less fortunate.

mother juggler

If you know you are not internally happy and you realize it is because any of the points listed above, read the following list and highlight what you think may be contributing to your unhappiness:

Your housework is neglected.

You rarely cook good food, relying on processed food or take-away.

You consistently fail to meet the basic needs of your children.

You are overly focused on the faults of others.

You are overly focused on things you are lacking.

You are overly focused on the difficulties in your life.

You are a doormat.

You are overly sensitive to criticism and hold grudges or resent other people.

You concentrate only on your own problems.

You are selfish or self-centered.

You have no self-control or will power.

You are unkind in thought or deed.

You are addicted to anything.

You are too critical of oneself and unforgiving of one’s mistakes.

You are too critical of others and unforgiving of their mistakes.

You habitually gossip, back-bite, slander or worsen relations between others.

You are stuck in a rut, never doing anything creative or broadening your horizons.

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  1. very good post – but, ouch! you’ve given me some things to ponder and pray over. Thank you for sharing these words of wisdom today.

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