Beautiful Hand Written Letters ~

Hello friends ~

I found this very interesting and I hope you enjoy it too.  In our modern day of electronic mail, few of us take the time or effort to write a hand written letter to our family and friends.  Maybe this will inspire us to pick up paper and pen.

Blessings to you this new year ~




Taken from ~ Book of Etiquette, 1922

Letter Writing and Correspondence

During the 19th century, ladies often presided over the affairs of the home. preforming the many duties of a social administrator and penning beautifully written letters of correspondence to dear friends and loved ones.  In those days, it was considered the mark of a well-bred young lady if she possessed the ability to compose a well-written letter, as the quality of her “hand” revealed much about her social status, education, and upbringing.  Many friendships were cultivated through hand written letters, and oftentimes these dear epistles were considered a suitable and proper method of courtship as well.  Because letters were, for the most part, the only means of communication between distant friends and would be suitor’s, they were fondly cherished, with each and every word being savored, and read again and again.  Oftentimes, handwritten letters enabled one to express thoughts and feelings that one may not express in person, as well as afforded the author time for quiet reflection and creative expression.  Because quill pens were used in that day, great care was taken when writing a letter of correspondence as an inkblot on a letter indicated carelessness and negligence on the part of the writer.  Therefore, much time was spent on cultivating one’s penmanship and of using a quill pen.

As in days of old, the handwritten letter is still the most revered and time-honored method of communication, and is without exception, the most personal and favored means of commemorating birthdays, holidays, and special occasions; for nothing can convey a heart felt sentiment better than a handwritten letter, and no store bought card could ever replace true words spoken from the heart.

When you write to your friends, make your letters so beautiful in form and text that they will read, re-read, and cherish a long time after as a fond memory.

~ Book of Etiquette, 1922


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