Feminine and Masculine Roles, defined ~

Hello ladies ~

I shared this info at a recent ladies Bible Study I taught and I thought you might be encouraged by it as well. So many times the world and even the church get the lines blurred between the roles of the man and the woman.  They are very simple, but difficult at times to fulfill.  Be encouraged today as God is developing you and helping you find your role and may you be fulfilled in being in it.

Graciously yours,

Teresa ~


1. Wife  – Gen 2:18

2. Mother – Gen. 3:16

3. Homemaker – Gen. 31:27


1. Guide – Gen. 3:16

2. Protector – 1 Peter 3:7

3. Provider – Gen 3:19

Characteristics of the Feminine Role:

1. Weakness

2. Submissiveness

3. Dependence

4. Tenderness

Acquire a feminine attitude. Eliminate the masculine work in your life. If you must do masculine work do it in a feminine manner. Be submissive, Col. 3:18. Don’t try to subdue fearfulness. 2 Kings 4:1. Don’t hide tender emotions. Don’t try to excel him. Invite his care and protection Exodus 2:16-22. Live your feminine role. Titus 2:4,5

Be a lady !!!

Real ladies need strong brave men.  Men respect a feminine lady, not a woman who can be a rough and tough as they are.

Men are turned off by women who acts like a man. Be tender and soft, as ladies should be. Practice it, if it doesn’t come naturally.

Women should not have to bear the double curse by bearing the children and the house plus work a 40 hr a week salary job. Something will suffer or lack if this is the case. Men should be willing to take a second or third job to make the ends meet and to be the provider. Grant it the woman of the house should manage every penny and not waste her husbands hard work and effort to provide for the family.

May the Lord please help us to repent and to start again with a new page. Help us to be the women that we are suppose to be so the world can see Christ in us and be drawn to the Lord by our Biblical example of  genuine womanhood.  🙂 Amen ~

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  1. So true…

    A good reminder to us all!

    A beautiful blogspot, btw. 🙂

  2. Amen! I took a long journey from the Western viewpoint of women’s roles post 1900 to a Biblical view and it has made all the difference. Still perfecting it, and will do so until my final breath. Thanks for the encouragement to press on for the prize of the high calling.

  3. This blog was an answer to prayers! I was praying for a godly example of a modern day homemaker and I found one in you. Sadly, Christian women who work as homemakers are lacking for my generation. I can’t find a friend who can relate to things such as scheduling meals etc because I personally know few homemakers! Thank you for your example!!!!! I know this role is important and I am so glad to find someone that excels at her work as a homemaker. Haha sorry to be so excited but you may be surprised at how discouraging the world ( yes even Christians) can be to having children and staying at home. God bless!!!!

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