Flipping the Bed Mattress ~

Flipping the Bed Mattress ~


Here is a chore that all housekeepers need to do but it’s easy to forget about, at least for me :). I found a reminder in my Martha Stewart / Living magazine today and was reminded to put this chore on my master calendar. With 4 beds in our house this could end up being a serious chore. I pray this will encourage you to consider flipping your mattresses, as well. This would be a chore that would be great to assign to older teens, if you have them.  May God bless you as a godly housekeeper ~


Mrs. Teresa Haley

Have you Done it Lately? – taken from an article …. Martha Stewart/ Living

For even wear, rotate your mattress four times a year.  Alternate between flipping it end-over-end and side-overside.  This is also a good time to launder the mattress cover and , while the cover is removed, vacuum the mattress itself thoroughly.  Air out the mattress twice a year ( in fall and spring) by taking it outdoors on a sunny day and letting it sit in the sun for at least three hours.  If this is not possible, open windows on a breezy day and leave the mattress uncovered for several hours.

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