8 Rules- understanding men

My daughter and I had a beautiful Bible study this morning from my workbook series Fascinating Womanhood, by Helen Andelin. We were both encouraged and challenged as we studied the differences between men and women. Titus 2:3-5 instructs the older women to teach the younger women to do many things, one of which is to love their husbands. This study is a very practical how-to series that she and I just love.

Blessings upon your marriage ~


8 Rules for Understanding and respecting your Man ~

1. Accept him at face value.
2. Appreciate his better side.
3. Admire his manliness.
4. Make him number one.
5. Let him be the guide, protector, and provider.
6. Let him manage the money.
7. Don’t wound his sensitive masculine pride.
8. Be sympathetic, understanding of his world.

Men are different in nature, needs, and temperament. Our failure to understand these differences causes serious misunderstanding between men and women. To build a good relationship with a man you must understand his characteristics and how they differ from a women’s.

Proverbs 13:15 Good understanding giveth favour.

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  1. I really needed to read this tonight… thank you for posting!

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