An Interesting Woman ~

I found this sweet little booklet at the thrift store this week while I’ve been on a roadtrip. It is dated 1951 but still has a ring of truth for us today. I thought I’d share a tidbit from it with you.
“How to be a more interesting woman” by Barbara Wedgwood

Enjoy ~

5 Clues to Becoming an Interesting Woman ~

1. Do one special thing every month for your appearance, it may be concentrating on your posture, changing your hairstyle, etc. But try something that will give you a psychological boost and something others will notice.

2. Keep a conversation rolling, don’t monopolize it. Have a point of view, but listen with an open mind and with your full attention. Ask intelligent questions and listen to the answers.

3. Sharpen your sense of humor by reading humorous novels or plays and essays. Having such books within handy reach is a cheery home remedy for pulling you out of the doldrums, too.

4. Concentrate on at least one special thing each week to make your home a more enjoyable place to be. It may be playing fresh flowers in all the rooms or buying new throw pillows for the couch or planning a formal dinner with candlelight and all the family heirlooms as a surprise for the family.

5. Practice forgetting yourself. Self-respect is being conscious of yourself without being self-conscious.

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  1. Good pointers I think. Thx for sharing. L

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