The Feminine Manner ~

Ladies ~
I think it is very important for women to be women and let the men be men. Here is a list from my book “Fascinating Womanhood” the workbook series that will help us freshen up on our Feminine Manner. This can be a very challenging task as housewives, but I think it pleases the Lord and our husbands, for us to be “Godly Feminine Women”that are well pleasing ~

Bless you this week as you strive to be a Fascinating Feminine Housewife ~

Femininty Check List

__I wear my hair in a feminine style
__I shower everyday.
__My hair looks healthy, it has shine.
__I look in the mirror several times a day, to see if hair needs fixing.
__I don’t wear makeup.
__I only wear enough makeup to look my best.
__I don’t wear masculine type clothes.
__I wear feminine dresses at home.
__I don’t have feminine clothes, but plan to buy or make them.
__My shoes look feminine.
__My purses look feminine.
__I wear scarves or ribbons and lace trimmed items.
The goal is to have a striking contrast between yourself and men. An overall impression of femininity.

Do you make the following mistakes?

__Use your hands in a brusk, firm manner.
__Walk with a heavy gait.
__Walk with long strides.
__Masculine tone in your voice.
__Laugh loudly.
__Laugh with mouth wide open.
__Eat noisily.
__Shake hands with an overly firm grasp.
__Slap men on the back.
__Sit with legs apart.
__Give pushy advice.
__Demand your way.
__Have unyielding opinions.
__Critical in conversation.
__Harsh facial expressions.

The true characteristics of a feminine nature are :

Feminine Women depend on men to:
lead them, protect them, and provide for them !!!!


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  1. I love it Teresa! What a wonderful thing to keep in mind as we train up our daughters as well.

  2. Hi Teresa,
    I have to embrace where I’m “at”, weak, broken and sad. On the checklist I didn’t do too bad except the shoes part. I somehow always wear “clodhoppers”. I think
    that changing that will make a big difference. My pocketbook is something to
    think about and adding ribbons and lace is too cool.
    Regarding the “mistakes”, I honestly didn’t know some of what you listed, like
    about the handshake. That is super helpful. Not giving pushy advice is another area
    of interest. But Teresa, I have been in therapy 10 years and my husband has
    a mental illness. Thus, I have had to take the “lead” which has been oh, so not
    my wish or nature. But my counselor said it bluntly. We “never” let a mentally
    ill person make major decisions. This is oh so important.
    Unfortunately I was raised with the true femine characteristics. What to do, what to do.
    In what became “my family system” my mother in law ran the show. It took me
    years to understand/recognize my husband’s illness. It was very hard to
    “wear my belt of truth”. I had a very hard time accepting it. Mental illness is
    very deceptive; often comes with shame and was hidden. Without addressing
    it is so destructive. I bet that I am not the only one that this has happened to
    with the destruction of the drug/rock and roll culture of the world around us.
    Nevertheless I think I will move to the feminine side. I was the bread winner
    for 25 years and have retired now. So I am in recovery. I have lost much in this
    life but must give it to God. I love this site!
    What an absolutely wonderful way to “disciple”.

  3. I love this post.
    I went for many years, not caring too much about my appearance or my feminity. That has totally changed 100%.
    I am so much happier now. People treat me differently, better actually. I would say that men AND women are far more respectful of me now.

    Great job Teresa. 🙂


    • Hi Laura,
      Thank you for your confession about neglecting your appearance and feminitiy;
      that you changed that and are much happier now. Even in the short time that
      I am “attacking” my neglect of the feminity and appearance, I can tell you that
      I am much happier already and see my mistakes and how they have contributed
      to bad stuff. You are right that people treat one better! Thank you for encouraging me. I tried this once before but got knocked off track by I can’t remember what. I am having lots of fun being feminine!

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