Industrious Homemaker ~

The Industrious Homemaker

A successful homemaker manages her time by making every moment count, by being industrious. Being industrious means that one works hard, diligently, energetically, and with determination. It means that a homemaker is busy with important work, that she “eateth not the bread of idleness”. Even if what she is busy doing doesn’t look like actual work, for example, she is sitting on the sofa reading with her toddler, she is working to teach her child to read as well as bonding with him. She spends every moment building industriously and building her family piece by piece – little pieces, big pieces, and all: cooking, bonding, teaching, cleaning, interacting, listening, speaking, decorating, sewing, etc.

Remember, there’s no such thing as a little thing, and a moment wasted is a chance lost forever. Excellent time management = excellent results for the loving, fascinating, devoted homemaker

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  1. I am starting over, picking up the pieces with the help of the LORD. Because I am
    not good at homemaking, my husband and son scorned, mocked and belittled me;
    I didn’t have a chance. What you have described above is “what might have been”
    but Satan made sure that it wasn’t to be. Now my husband and I deal with
    a variety of illnesses and no children. So, that’s where we are “at”.

    • Oh Patricia I am so sorry. But, the Lord promises to restore what the locust and the cankerworm hath eaten. He is able to restore, rebuild and repair what the enemy has destroyed. Tomorrow is a new day with no mistakes in it.
      Homemaking is a full time job. It takes a lot of dedication and determination and plain grit. I have a 6 bdr/5 bath house that seems like a monster some weeks. But, I never let the WHOLE house get dirty. I assign certain chores for certain days. I always try to keep the main living areas picked up all the time (constant job). Also pray for the Lord to give you ambition and desire to clean and work in the house.
      Read motivating books on the subject matter or look at magazines on organization to motivate you. Remember you have to get real mad to get real motivated. So if you are totally disguested with the situation it is the perfect time to get to work on the task.

      May God pick up the pieces and put your beautiful home back together…

      Teresa ~

  2. Teresa, I would appreciate prayers in this area. I ‘did’ flylady for a while and that really helped. Even though I don’t do it strictly anymore, I still have a lot of ideas that help me throughout the day, but I will admit I am a terrible time waster.
    Thanks in advance for praying for me and I’m so glad the Lord has been working so powerfully in your life!

    • I think everyone stuggles with wasting time. It is so good to use the timer if you can. I know the kitchen stove timer is a good way to stay on track. Some days I set it every hour and just see what I can get done before it goes off again. It is especially helpful to set the timer for drinking water.

      You can do it !! I am behind you 100% girl 🙂

      Teresa ~

  3. Hi Teresa,
    Sorry that I haven’t been around too much lately, life has been busy!

    I love this post. We all need to be reminded of how important it is to look after our families and homes. We all slack off in this department from time to time and we all need “a kick in the pants” as my teenagers say. 😛

    And the thing is, it’s not too late to begin again. Anyone reading this post that feels discouraged with their past can always make a fresh start. While it’s true we can never go back and undo past mistakes we can avoid making them again.

    When I think back to all of the time I wasted in the past. Watching tv or sitting on the computer-ignoring my family and home, it breaks my heart. Now, everyday I pray that God will place the desire to look after them in the way he wishes me to-and he has!

    It’s not always easy and yes, it can be boring but, the pay off in the end, having a comfortable home and a “mostly” content family is SO worth it. There is a real satisfaction in doing your job to the best of your abilities… 🙂

    Again, great post!


  4. Laura. It is soooooo good to hear from you again. Yes I agree a good kick in the skirt is a good ideas most of the time, huh? Well, we as homemakers need constant encouragement and I find that starting the day with prayer, seems to really help the day run smoother. Also making my written to do list is a must. I get twice the work done with a list as I do the days that I don’t take the time to write one ~

    Bless and Keep you ~


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