The Feminine Manner ~

Ladies ~
I think it is very important for women to be women and let the men be men. Here is a list from my book “Fascinating Womanhood” the workbook series that will help us freshen up on our Feminine Manner. This can be a very challenging task as housewives, but I think it pleases the Lord and our husbands, for us to be “Godly Feminine Women”that are well pleasing ~

Bless you this week as you strive to be a Fascinating Feminine Housewife ~

Femininty Check List

__I wear my hair in a feminine style
__I shower everyday.
__My hair looks healthy, it has shine.
__I look in the mirror several times a day, to see if hair needs fixing.
__I don’t wear makeup.
__I only wear enough makeup to look my best.
__I don’t wear masculine type clothes.
__I wear feminine dresses at home.
__I don’t have feminine clothes, but plan to buy or make them.
__My shoes look feminine.
__My purses look feminine.
__I wear scarves or ribbons and lace trimmed items.
The goal is to have a striking contrast between yourself and men. An overall impression of femininity.

Do you make the following mistakes?

__Use your hands in a brusk, firm manner.
__Walk with a heavy gait.
__Walk with long strides.
__Masculine tone in your voice.
__Laugh loudly.
__Laugh with mouth wide open.
__Eat noisily.
__Shake hands with an overly firm grasp.
__Slap men on the back.
__Sit with legs apart.
__Give pushy advice.
__Demand your way.
__Have unyielding opinions.
__Critical in conversation.
__Harsh facial expressions.

The true characteristics of a feminine nature are :

Feminine Women depend on men to:
lead them, protect them, and provide for them !!!!


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Industrious Homemaker ~

The Industrious Homemaker

A successful homemaker manages her time by making every moment count, by being industrious. Being industrious means that one works hard, diligently, energetically, and with determination. It means that a homemaker is busy with important work, that she “eateth not the bread of idleness”. Even if what she is busy doing doesn’t look like actual work, for example, she is sitting on the sofa reading with her toddler, she is working to teach her child to read as well as bonding with him. She spends every moment building industriously and building her family piece by piece – little pieces, big pieces, and all: cooking, bonding, teaching, cleaning, interacting, listening, speaking, decorating, sewing, etc.

Remember, there’s no such thing as a little thing, and a moment wasted is a chance lost forever. Excellent time management = excellent results for the loving, fascinating, devoted homemaker

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A Man’s Pride ~

Ladies ~
This is a great section of my book ” Fascinating Womanhood” from Helen Andelin. I think it is important for wives to understand that this is a very serious part of the nature of men. This can improve your marriage if you respect and honor and understand your husband in this area.
The Lord brought this book into my life when our twins were about 2 years old. I am so thankful for all the helpful advice Helen Andelin gives. I highly recommend it to you as well. It can save a dying marriage and it can enhance an already good marriage.
I think every woman needs the practical teaching this book contains. Here is a little sample from chapter 5 I will share with you.

Beware of your own pride that made get in the way of truly treating your husband like a king and honoring him as he should be honored. It pleases the Lord for us to esteem our husband above ourselves. God is the one who created our wonderful husband with this sensitive pride and we don’t need to tear them down but only build them up. In return they will love and cherish us as we so desire them to do ~

May God bless your marriage and home ~
Teresa Haley

What are men proud of ? He is proud of his manly qualities. He likes to show them off, to call attention to them in both conversation and actions. Like every male creature from the peacock and the rooster, to the bull and the lion, he likes to strut before the female of the species and show what manly powers are his. He likes to enjoy the admiration which these traits arouse.

But it is here man is most vulnerable, for his pride is extremely sensitive. He cannot bear to have masculinity belittled, ridiculed, or treated with indifference.

When a man is belittled it is humiliation he suffers. It can be a sharp-bladed cutting sensation, or a crushing feeling. Whatever the forms of humiliation, it is a painful experience.

When a man is belittled frequently he tends to build a tight wall of reserve around himself – an impenetrable barrier against those who have offended him.

Occasionally a man will clam up and not talk at all. This is calling going into his shell. It is as though he has climbed inside himself, locked the door and pulled down the blinds. It is difficult and seemingly impossible to get next to him.

How to Break down the Wall ~

1. You must accept him. If you continue your criticism or dissatisfaction of him, he will not feel like exposing his innermost feelings to your unappreciative attitude.

2. Admire his masculinity. Your admiration will do more to break down his reserve than any other effort you can make.

3. Cease belittling him. You will have to eliminate any remarks which crush his male ego.

4. Don’t be critical of others. If you are a backbiting fault-finding woman he will never trust his precious thoughts to you.

5. Hold confidences sacred. You must prove that you will not repeat to others the things he confides to you.

Remember : Nothing but the absolute certainty that he will not be met with further ridicule or indifference will induce him to lay down his armor of reserve.

A review of masculine traits that are important to him ~

It is his strength, his body structure, and his sexual abilities
It is his courage, honor,determination, aspirations and ideals
It is his cleverness, intellectual gifts, achievements, leadership,skills

note from Teresa:

Even though this book was written in 1963 it is still very practical for today’s marriages. There are so many powerful tips and training ideas in this book. Helen Andelin writes in a very how-to manner and speaks very plain on how a woman can improve her marriage. She also wrote Fascinating Girl, which I bought for my daughter (at age 19) She has learned so much and highly recommends it to unmarried young ladies. I pray this is a blessing to you !

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My Healing Testimony ~

Healed of Cancer, Chemo and Radiation free!! 5/16/11
By: Mrs. Teresa A. Haley

I greet you in the loving name of Jesus Christ. I am so blessed and honored to be able to share my healing testimony with you today. Jesus Christ is the only one that has the power to heal the body and to Him belongs, all the glory and praise for my health and strength that I enjoy today.

Well, this story begins in September 2010. My husband and I had just celebrated our Silver 25th wedding anniversary and had a lovely party with lots of friends and family. Afterwards, we went on a weekend getaway to Nashville and we never felt better in our lives. Life was carefree and we were so happy to be sharing this special time together.
About a week after we had returned home we were sitting around and my husband was rubbing my back and said to me “hmmm honey what is that on your back?” To my surprise I asked him what he was talking about. I felt for myself and discovered a large knot on my upper back. We were both puzzled how it could have come up so quickly unnoticed.
So the next day or two I called my female doctor to see if she would take a look at it. About a week later I was in her office and she examined it and ruled out breast related issues and told me it was probably just a fatty tumor and it was nothing to be alarmed about. But, she said she would feel better if I went and saw a general surgeon and let him take a look at it.
So about a week or so later I was at the general surgeon’s office with Clint. The surgeon looked at it as well and said he thought the same thing just a fatty tumor and he wasn’t worried to much about it. He said because it came up so quickly and was so hard and painless he wanted to take it out and have it tested just to make sure. So we scheduled surgery for the following Thursday. November the 4th.
The day of surgery went pretty normal and I went home that night. Just thinking that this was a normal procedure and nothing to worry about other than recovering from the surgery. My parents were in town and were taking good care of us for the weekend.
Saturday morning the phone rang and it was the general surgeon. He asked how I was and then began telling me the news. He said that he had removed a lemon size tumor from my back left chest wall. The tumor was in the muscle and he could not remove it all he felt like he had gotten about 95% of it from what he could tell.
He said that it looked malignant from all the visual signs of it but that pathology had it, and it would be several more days before we knew for sure. But, he assured me again that it looked cancerous to him to the point that he had already spoken to a muscle cancer surgeon and set me up an appointment for the next week.
He said that they had already talked and that the next step would be a second surgery to remove the muscle around the tumor and a margin of safety. Followed up my radiation.
Well, I hung up the phone and told my family the news. It was very disturbing to us all. But, we were banking on the pathology report to come back and prove the doctors wrong.
The next week we were in the office of the second surgeon. Clint and I went in and they took x-rays and then we met the doctor. He was very matter of fact with us. He said that he had already talked to the first doctor and they had already decided what had to be done.
He told me that the tumor was like an orange and that the 1st surgeon had gotten the inside and that he was going to get the skin and lining and all the outside area for safety. He mentioned that we would have to do some radiation and chemo either before or after the surgery. He said he would let me go see those doctors and then they would decide who would get me first.
He told me that this surgery was going to be worse than the first one. It was going to take longer to recover and that we had a lot of homework to do and this was going to be a long journey. He was very anxious to set up all the appointments. I asked him “what if the pathology report comes back and it isn’t cancer? He replied” Well then you can go to Tunica and celebrate!!! That was very distasteful to me. I said no sir if the report comes back clear then I will be shouting at the church house not Tunica.
I was so nervous and confused and disgusted that I told him I was just going home to pray about all of this. He urged me again of the seriousness of my condition and wanted to go ahead and schedule all my appointments. To which I refused and asked Clint to take me home.
When we got to the car, I lost all control of my emotions and broke down. We sat in the car for what seemed an hour and cried in disbelief of what we had just been told.
When I got myself together I told Clint that I was not going to let that doctor touch me. Clint asked me what I wanted to do. He said he would take me anywhere in the world I wanted to go. He would spend any amount of money. He would support whatever decision I made regarding what we did next. That gave me great peace and hope.
The Lord instantly brought to my mind several people I knew that had been healed through natural alternative medicine. He reminded me of all the books I had read in years past of the body healing itself through juicing and diet, etc.
We came home and I immediately began to fast all sugar and meat. I was only eating enough to take the pain meds that I had to take. I became very weak. My body had withdrawals from the sugar. My mind was warped from all the harsh pain meds and fear mixed with anxiety. But my spirit was still reaching for the Lord and direction on what to do.
I had no clear direction on what to do next. All I had was faith and my Bible. I could not sleep so I would read my Bible all hours of the night and early morning. The church family was so good to bring me food and to pray for us.
The Lord gave me so many precious promises in his Word, those days of searching and seeking his face. There are too many to mention here. I have these scriptures marked in my Bible and tagged and dated. Many are barely visible from all the tears that were shed over them.
One thing for certain is that our God will hear and answer when we cry unto him with our whole heart. This was this biggest walk of blind faith I had ever taken in my life and it was very fearful.
The main key verse that stands out as my healing promise was Jeremiah 30:17 “I WILL restore health unto thee and I WILL l heal thee of thy wounds saith the Lord” that one verse became my song for the months to follow. I posted it everywhere even in the shower.
That week the Pathology report came in the mail and Clint and I and the children sat down on the couch and prayed before opening it. I remember praying Oh Lord whatever this report says I will still trust you, I still believe you are the healer and I will not be afraid. Clint asked me if I wanted him to read it and I said no I can do this. So I read it out loud to my family.
The report read as follows: Surgical findings: removal of 8 cm sarcoma on the left lateral chest wall. High grade, sarcoma with malignant fibrous histiocytoma type present in the skeletal muscle.
We sat there and held one another and prayed and confirmed our faith in God to see us through this valley and reaffirmed that we were trusting in him to heal my body his way.
Early one morning about 14 days after my surgery I could not sleep from worrying and thinking about all that the last doctor had told me. I got up and went into the living room about 3:30 am. I began to walk around and around the coffee table rebuking the enemy and his torment on my mind. I quoted scriptures and prayed and wept deeply.
I thought no one understands the pain and suffering and worry that are involved in the unknown until you are faced with it. Trusting God to lead and guide you to the other side with no roadmap is very challenging.
But our God is faithful to speak to us just when we need the encouragement the most. After praying for about an hour I laid on the couch and the Lord began to speak to me as though he was sitting in the room. He said….. November the 4th 6 yrs. ago I put before your brother a similar mountain. One that seemed bigger than he was. I gave him a choice to live or die. He chose death (suicide). On November the 4th I have placed before you a mountain that is bigger than you are. You cannot conquer this yourself. You have a choice. Will you choose life or death?
Then silence fell in the room. It literally felt as though I was afraid to speak. I was being asked a question by the Lord Almighty. I hesitated and began to tremble and said “Oh Father I choose LIFE” I listened. A few seconds later I heard the Lord say “then you SHALL live”
The Bible says in Deuteronomy 30:19 “ I call heaven and earth to record this day…that I have set before you life and death, blessing and cursing; therefore chose life, that both thou and thy seed may live.”
From that moment all the fear that had crippled me instantly left my body and mind. I stood up and began to dance around the living room. I wanted to shout but did not want to wake the family. I did begin to sing softly and rejoiced with many tears of joy. It is amazing what peace you can experience when you hear the Lord speak life into your ears.
The next morning I felt lead to seek an alternative medicine doctor. I prayed “Oh Lord I am but a little child please guide my hands and mind and lead me to the doctor you want to use to heal my body. I was very afraid of all the new age that is affiliated with alternative medicine and I wanted God to hand pick my doctor.
I called the one I felt the Lord leading me to and I called and talked to Ginger the receptionist for about an hour re: Dr. Bradley Frezza, ND. I wanted his whole religious background and beliefs  I felt so good after talking to her and a peace to move forward. I called Clint and he said yes let’s make an appointment.
We walked into Dr. Bradley Frezza’s office and the first thing I remember the most was the peace and calmness of the office. We talked to Dr. Bradley Frezza for what seemed to be 3 or 4 hours. I knew that God had led us there and I was at perfect peace that I was going to be healed, as God had promised.
Dr. Frezza recommended that I do the Incurables Program by Dr. Richard Schultze. Which can be bought at It is an intense 30 day detox fast and cleanse. My friend Lisa McCarter had also recommended it to me as well. I felt like the Lord had confirmed it and I agreed. Clint ordered the program and the following Monday we began.
Along with this detox program Dr. Frezza recommended I do a full body cleanse through colonics which he offered at his office. Which we agreed would be helpful. So our journey into alternative medicine had started.
I called on a dear friend Mr. Fred LaByer. I asked him consider loaning us his grown daughter Amy for the next 30 days to minister to my family while I was fasting and doing these treatments. They were so kind to graciously loan her to us and what a blessing she was. She cooked cleaned, nursed, tended animals, guided our house and kept things afloat while I was recovering. I thank God for sending her to me during those hard days.
Also I want to mention how God sent to me another old friend that came to my rescue. Mrs. Lisa McCarter. She was sent straight from heaven to set aside this fast with me. She came to my house and got me set up and did the program with me. She was so faithful to come and bring her books and Bible and herbs and teas. Some days we laughed til we cried and other days we prayed and interceded and searched the scriptures. I love Lisa !! She made the whole experience a pleasure to travel. She was the one who gave me my first cold sheet treatment. Wow, she is a true friend and I will never forget all she meant to me those weeks.
I had cards and letters and prayers pouring in every day. The Lord was reassuring me every day that he was there and so were the people of God. My parents were so go to come and help me too. Several people from the church brought food. Sis. Cathy Vantreese was always coming and calling which meant so much.
I fasted through Thanksgiving and Christmas that year. Wow, that was very challenging. But, God gave me strength and determination to do it, because I know in my own will I would have failed. I lost approx… 22 pounds in about 40 days. I was beginning to feel so good. You would think that you would be so weak you couldn’t walk but actually it is the other way. I had lots of energy!!! Jesus truly is the bread from heaven and he satisfies the hungry with manna from heaven.
No meat, no cooked food, no bread, no sugar, nothing by carrot/veggie juice and a raw salad every day. Lots of green superfood drinks with detox teas and tonics those days. I did liver flushes, kidney flushes and bowel detoxification. My senses became very keen after about 15 days. The sky was bluer and the colors became brighter. Sounds were louder and it was very interesting how the body once it is cleaned out of the toxins and heavy metals that is in the body how much clearer thinking and clarity the body has. I highly recommend a detox fast for everyone even if it is only for a few days. Especially if you are sick, fasting the the body’s way of healing itself. Cooked dead foods really slow the body down. Sugar is a stimulant that slows the blood down and makes you tired and drained. It also feeds cancer cells and works against your healing process. Dr. Frezza says that digestion takes 65% of the body’s energy so if you are fasting food all that energy can go into healing and restoring the body.
I had my blood drawn in early December and my bloodwork was not good my white blood count was down and my red blood count was high. My other numbers were low as well. I continued on the fast and cleanse along with going every week to have my colon cleaned at Dr. Frezza’s office. I knew God was at work in my body, soul and mind.
In January of this year a friend told me about a Dr she believed could also help me. She recommended Dr. Travis Qualls in Southaven. I had no idea how important this was going to be to my health. I did not understand what a upper cervical chiropractor doctor had to do with cancer healing. But, I was trusting God to guide and lead me and I felt that this was definitely his leading.
Clint and I went to see him and he assured me that he had been helping people with all kinds of health issues and that this was something he felt like he could help us with. Again, his office and staff spoke peace to my trembling heart.
I have been seeing Dr. Qualls since January and I thank God for him and Dr. Frezza. I feel like the Lord has placed me into the hands of two God fearing men that trust in the Lord to heal their patients. I know they pray for me and that means so much !!!!
It was in January when I started the alkaline water. Dr. Qualls and my sister – in law Carol have been so faithful to keep me in water. The first few weeks on the water I felt so much energy I could hardly sit down. It has made such a difference in my life. I do not want to be without it. The alkaline water has been a big factor in my healing and recovery. I am so glad the Lord showed it to us.
We had my blood retested in Jan and my white blood count was totally in normal range, Praise God !!! The Lord was healing the body and things were all going back to normal. My cholesterol was still very low and Dr. Qualls was concerned about it. He said that it really need to improve by the next blood test or he felt like we may have to increase our efforts.
Much prayer and extra nutrition and exercise was on my top priority list for the next several weeks. I began walking several miles a week and staying faithful to my vegetarian diet. I was now seeing Dr. Frezza once a month for a colonics treatment, which I am still doing. Along with a 30 minutes of inafred sauna treatment. It is such a blessing having such good care within driving distance.
I was so afraid that I was going to have to travel half way around the world to get well. But, God is so faithful to provide just what we need and to make it within our means. Praise his name!!!
So in March we had the blood redrawn. I made the appointment to go see Dr. Qualls for the results. When I went into the examing room he was holding two pieces of paper. He said in this hand I hold the bloodwork of a recovering cancer patient, in this hand I hold the bloodwork of what appears to be fully recovered cancer patient. He said I went from being on the edge of the woods to out of the woods. He said my cholesterol levels had went from 114 to 161. And on a vegetarian diet that was truly the mercy of the Lord. Amen. He was soooo happy and was rejoicing in the Lord. I left his office that day a very happy lady.
So we decided to have a X-Ray of the surgery area to confirm that the tumor was gone and that nothing was regrowing. I had refused to have cat scans and pet scans do to the high levels of radiation and toxins that it puts back in the body.
On April the 14 I went to the Baptist Collierville hospital and had an upper chest X-Ray on the surgery area and surrounding areas. Clint had laid hands on me that morning and prayed that God would go with me and get all the glory for my healing. To be perfectly honest I was nervous but not fearful. I thought if this is not a good report it will be time for another 30 day fast.
The X-Ray technician took the pics and stayed gone a long while. Finally, she came back and said ma’am what year did you say you had your surgery? I said I had it 6 months ago. She left and came back again and said are you sure it was 2010 or was it 2009? I thought oh my!!! Then she came back in the room and said that is really strange. She said that X-ray was totally clear. It does not even indicate you ever had a surgery in that area. There is zero scar tissue and there is always scar tissue in the x-ray after surgery. Hmmm, that is strange.
I said no ma’am that is not strange at all. Praise God Jeremiah 30:17 has been my song these last 6 months and it says “ I WILL RESTORE HEALTH UNTO THEE. I WILL HEAL THEE OF THY WOUNDS, said the LORD” he has healed my wounds to the point the x-ray machine can’t even find the wound. PRAISE THE LORD who is faithful and just to heal his children just as his word promises !!!!!

As of today I stand here claiming my total healing and restoration. I have full assurance that God is the only one true wise God and he alone is the only source of help for those in desperate need. He WILL come to your rescue he will hear when we call out to him. He waits for us to acknowledge our need for him and he desires to show himself strong.
Even though the surgeons and naysayers didn’t believe God had created the body to heal itself through prayer and fasting. Even though the faith journey seemed desperately lonely some nights and day, I am here to encourage you that God’s ways do work. He has created everything you need for your body to heal itself. The main thing is to repent to abase yourself before a holy God and acknowledge his authority over your body and mind. It has to be total surrender and trust. All the people in the Bible that received their healing it was their faith that made them whole. Jesus said fear not and be not afraid.
Fear is crippling. The medical world wants you to fear and tremble the enemy of your soul wants you to doubt and surrender to death. The devil came to kill, steal and destroy. BUT, Jesus came to give life and no only life but life more abundantly.
As I close I would love to share a few key verses that the Lord blessed me with during the hardest part of the journey.
Psalms 17 says
“Hear, O Lord, attend unto my cry, give ear to my prayer. Let my sentence come forth from thy presence. Thou hast proved mine heart; thou hast visited me in the night, thou hast tried me. Keep me as the apple of the eye, hide me under the shadow of thy wings.
From the wicked that oppress me, from my deadly enemies (cancer) who compass me about. They are enclosed in their own fat, with their mouth they speak proudly (my naysayers).
Psalms 18:39 says For thou has girded me with strength unto the battle; thou hast subdued under me those that rose up against me.
Psalms 21:4 He asked life of thee and thou gavest it him, even length of days for ever and ever.
Psalm 23:24 For he hath NOT despised nor abhorred the afflicted, neither hath he hid his face from him, but when he cried unto him he heard.
Psalm 25:18 Look upon mine affliction and my pain, and forgive all my sins.
Psalms 27:14 wait on the Lord be of good courage and he shall strengthen thine heart. Wait I say on the Lord.

Psalms 30:2 O Lord my God, I cried unto thee and thou hast healed me. O Lord thou hast brought my soul from the grave, thou hast kept me alive.
Psalm 30:11 Thou hast turned for me my mourning into dancing, thou hast put off my sackcloth and girded me with gladness.
Psalms 34:4 I sought the Lord, and he heard me, and delivered me from all my fears.
My final thoughts.
I know that Jehovah is still healing today. He will guide your feet he will put you in the right path if you seek him with your whole heart. But, faith without works is dead. He requires us to act when we leads. He expects us to be good stewards of the health and healing he has given us.
It is time for us all to take a fresh look at our choices we are making regarding our health. Does our choicest honor God? What we are eating, drinking, reading, watching, entertaining? His word says that our bodies are the temple of the Holy Spirit. Let’s fearfully consider making some changes that will please the Lord and keep our body in good health.
I pray that this testimony encouraged you. I am available to share this with anyone that needs it. You can find a copy of this written testimony on my blog found at

Thank you and may my God richly bless and restore your health as you sincerely seek Him ~

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Reverence her husband~

God admonishes us ladies to see that we reverence our man.

“…and the wife see that she reverence her husband.” Eph. 5:33

Make a New Habit ~

Try to show your husband noticeable esteem at least three times a day. Plan small habits you can establish that will make it easier to remember, until giving him deference comes naturally.

Traits of a Good Help Meet ~

* She acknowledges the “good traits” in her man.
* She speaks of her husband with esteem.
* She defers to him.
* She never responds to him with scorn or ridicule.

Getting Serious with God ~

The word REVERENCE appears 13 times in God’s Word. Eight times it has to do with reverencing men. Look up and consider each of these uses of the word REVERENCE. As you read, you will understand from God’s Word what God requires of you and me in reverencing our husbands.

Make a list of ways you have not shown reverence toward your husband, and then make a list of things you are going to start doing to correct them.

Always keep in mind that, when you reverence your husband, you are reverencing God.

It is God’s will for you to do this service to your husband…..

\ˈrev-rən(t)s, ˈre-və-; ˈre-vərn(t)s\
Definition of REVERENCE
: honor or respect felt or shown : deference; especially : profound adoring awed respect
: a gesture of respect (as a bow)
: the state of being revered
: one held in reverence —used as a title for a clergyman

My prayer for you this week is that you will be encouraged as you take this task seriously. The difference in a Christian housewife and a non Christian housewife is this area of reverence and deference. It takes Christ in your heart to be able to SERVE your husband in a spirit of REVERENCE and Respect.

Love to you all ~
Mrs. Teresa Haley

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Small Kitchen Gardening ~

A small kitchen garden can be a source of fresh salads, delicious vegetables and a pleasure to look at, as well as providing an opportunity for exercise. I usually always plant a small garden of tomatoes, squash, peppers, etc… I enjoy digging in the dirt and I also enjoy the reward of harvesting from my small kitchen garden. This year I am going to experiment with some herbs in my garden. My plants are all about 6 inches tall. They are ready for planting. This weekend I hope to get the soil turned over and do my planting.

I wish you the best in your gardening, even if it is just a few pots on the patio with tomato plants. Bless you for your efforts.

Happy Gardening ~
Mrs. Teresa A. Haley


things you’ll need:

* Patch of ground with good sun at least four hours daily
* Stakes
* String
* Long-handled round-bladed spade
* Small sticks or pea gravel
* Boards or sections of log
* Rocks or bricks
* Graph paper
* Garden rake
* Long-handled hoe
* Vegetable seeds
* Plastic garden stakes or Popsicle sticks
* Permanent writing marker
* Trellis

Prepare the Bed

Select a space near the kitchen that receives at least four hours of good sun daily. Most vegetable plants are sun lovers.

Mark off garden-bed sections using stake and string. Beds should be no wider than the gardener can comfortably reach across. Three feet is usually considered optimum and can be as long as you wish. Think about how much time you have and how much room you may need for other things and plan accordingly. For a first-time gardener, smaller is better.

Use a round bladed spade with a long handle (to enable placing the dirt in a specific spot without extra walking) and dig a trench at least 1 foot deep along the long edge of the planned bed. Place the dirt on a piece of plastic or in a wheel barrow; reserve for later use.

In the bottom of the trench, place sticks, pea gravel or sand (especially if you have clay soil) that will facilitate drainage. If drainage is not an issue in your area you can skip this.

Back the outside edge of the trench with heavy planking, large sections of log, bricks, rocks or stones to a height of about 1 foot, if possible. Fill the trench to ground level with enriched humus.

Use spade to dig a new trench parallel to the first, placing the soil on top of the humus just used to fill the first trench. Repeat as many times as needed, except the border material will only be added at the top and bottom of the row.

Plant the Seeds

Plan where to plant the seeds by reading the recommended distance between mature plants. On a piece of graph paper, lay out the dimensions of your bed and plan the optimum-planting distance for each plant. Place tall plants on the north side of the bed so that they do not shade other plants as they mature.

Use the long-handled hoe to break up any clods or large lumps of dirt. Remove big rocks, clumps of grass or weeds that managed to remain in the soil. Rake smooth, rounding the bed to be slightly taller in the middle than at the sides.

Consulting your garden graph, place the seeds carefully at the correct distances from each other. Plant at the depth recommended on the seed packet and press the soil lightly over each planting. Mark with a labeled white-plastic garden stake or a Popsicle stick.

Provide a sturdy trellis for beans or other vine plants. These may be purchased from any garden store or can be made from poles or 1×3 planking.


Plan a watering schedule that is appropriate for your climate and soil type. Vegetable plants tend to love water. If you are in an area where you can count on daily showers, extra water may not be needed. Water plants in the very early morning before the sun is strong or late at night as the sun is setting. Watering in full sunlight tends to cook the leaves. Alternatively, a soaker hose that does not spray water over the plants may be used. This method is good in very dry areas where a continuous drip may be the preferred watering mode.

Weeding is usually less of a chore in this type of garden because the vegetable plants are sufficiently thick to crowd out intruders. However, until the vegetables are sufficiently grown that their leaves touch each other, it will be necessary to pull weeds and grass from the bed. This will be especially true in the first year or two of gardening in a particular spot.

A thick mulch of old newspapers or other organic material can help prevent weeds, conserve moisture and slowly add nutrients to the garden soil. It can harbor pests, however, so be on the look-out for slugs, snails and other creatures that will find your mulch to be a good home.


Plants are natural habitat for insects and they are as happy on your vegetables as on any other plant. Check your garden daily, looking under the leaves for egg casings and watching for the tell-tale holes that indicate someone other than yourself is feasting on your produce.

Companion planting may help keep some pests away. Garlic planted under rose bushes discourages aphids, for example.


Harvesting vegetables from your garden will be much easier than from a conventional garden. The narrow beds allow you to reach from either side to pick the plants without walking on your careful work.

As each section of vegetables reaches maturity, trim back or remove the plants. Add some fresh humus and plant a different vegetable or a green manure plant. Alternate heavy feeder plants with those that feed lightly or replace nutrients.

Always wash all produce thoroughly before eating it.

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