Organize your Exercise ~


8 Tips to help you create and maintain an organized at-home exercise plan.

1. Make a list of the activities you enjoy doing that will get you moving – weights, kick boxing, bike riding, walking, dancing, in home exercise DVD’s, rebounder, etc.

2. Decide which days and times during the week you will exercise (aim for at least 3 times per week.) How long will your workouts be? If necessary start out small, even just 10 minutes a day to get you going and gradually build up from there.

3. Schedule the time you have set aside to exercise in your calendar and make it a priority to stick to the days and times you have set for yourself.

4. Place a chart on a wall close to where you exercise and keep track of your exercise routine. List the exercises you plan to do down the left hand column. Each day, jot down the time spent and/or number of reps for each exercise in the corresponding box.

5. Create a routine where you do different types of exercise on different days: Mondays – Walking, Tuesdays – Stationary Bike, Thursdays – Weights, Fridays – Exercise DVD, etc. To keep it fresh and interesting, rotate your routine from time to time to include new exercises.

6. Make sure you have the equipment you need on hand for the various activities you have chosen to do. Keep all exercise equipment together and in a place where it’s easily accessible and close to the area in which you will use it.

7. Designate some space inside a closet in which to keep your equipment and work out clothes. Use a basket, box or other small to medium size container to house wrist weights, resistance bands, & pulleys, etc. A dumbell rack will store your weights and make them easy to access. Keep your exercise mat rolled up. Stack steps & risers along a wall or inside your exercise closet. A great way to house your exercise ball is to use an exercise ball stacker to stop it from rolling around when not in use.

8. Keep all work-out clothes together in your exercise closet and separate by long & short sleeve tops, long & short exercise pants, etc. Keep a selection of fun exercise DVD’s on hand for when you need to pump your at-home work out up a notch.

I know you can do it, you have got to do it. This is your year to do it !!!!!!!!!

Cheering for you 🙂
Teresa ~

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  1. Great article. I lost about 30 pounds a few years ago, but it’s started creeping back up. My husband bought me a recumbent bike and I love it! I decided to workout according to how many calories I want to burn instead of how many minutes. Also, I’m drinking a gallon of water a day. My neighbor lost amazing amounts of weight by drinking tons of water and very light exercise. She now looks so thin and young (her skin looks beautiful) I constantly mistake her for one of her teenage daughters (She dresses very modestly). Also, I’m drinking fresh Aloe gel and Colostrum and they really seem to have curbed my appetite and increased my stamina as well as being purported to build muscle and burn fat.

    • Thank you for reminding me to fill the water jug up and drink it! :o) All the best with losing the weight!
      Jilly oxoxo

  2. Thank you for this post; I am starting for the year today and writing it on the calendar is a great idea I will tick it off once I am finished. Now to go for that walk!!!
    Thanks again Jilly!

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