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As we enter into this new year many housewives start thinking about all the changes and improvements they need to do around her home. As I was reading this week I wanted to share something from one of my favorite books called ” The Complete Book of Home Management” by Elva Anson and Kathie Liden. I agree with these ladies that sometimes it helps to take a tour through the house with a “fresh eye”. This is more easily done after being away on a trip or away from the home for a few days. Hope it encourages you this week ~

Making an Inspection Tour

Creating physical order within the house involves a room-by-room inspection to see if anything can be done to make the house more functional. Once a room in under control in terms of organization, it is relatively simple to keep it in running order.

It is impossible to follow the old adage ” A place for everything and everything in it’s place” unless we have the functional potential of every room. Special thought must be given to creating the “places” necessary to keep everything and make order easy.

If your house does not have adequate cupboard and closet space, invest in some inexpensive unfinished chests, cabinets, or shelving. Some houses do have physical limitations, but see what you can do to relieve the crowded conditions by sorting, filing, and throwing away excess belongings.

Before you make any decisions.

Take a tour of the house, and as you go, ask yourselves these questions:
1. What do we do in this room?
2. What do we need here?
3. Is there anything here that belongs in another room?
4. How can we improve this room so that it can do better what it is purposed to do?

Teresa’s thoughts and tidbits on the subject …

Start by going outside and coming in the front door. Have a clipboard or notebook of paper. As you tour through your house make list of anything and everything that needs to be done to make that room perfectly perfect to you. Think as though you were a potential buyer that has come to view the house for purchase. Space speaks volumes !!! Declutter and live sparingly. The eye should be able to have places of rest as it travels around the room. Does this room give me a restful or restless feeling?

I have done a critical inspection tour many times through my home. The thing that motivates me the most is after going to a nice furniture store or interior decorating type store where things are beautifully arranged and the so much beauty and order to the eyes. Then come home and start the inspection on your own home. It makes you want to get your donation bags in hand and start weeding out the ugly weeds that are present in your lovely home.

Be encouraged today as the New Year is here. If you have a big task ahead of you in this area, I encourage you to take it one room or space at a time. Even one space put in order can bring peace and happiness to you and your family members. Give yourself a time limit. Example: This month I am working on these three rooms/spaces, or I am going to put a space or room to order every weekend until it is achieved. Whatever works best for you so that you do not give up in hopelessness because it all didn’t come together in 30 days. It did not get this way fast and it will take time to put it in good working order, but it is sooooooo worth the effort.

God bless you as you bless your house and family !!!!

Happy New Year ~

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  1. Thank you for your wonderful post! You have made me think alot and I will take these questions with me (in my pocket, so to speak) and walk through my home.
    The New Year is a perfect time for us to put our homes in order. The blessings effect not only us, but so many others!!
    Thanks again! You are a blessing and are in my prayers!

    • Yes you are right,Malinda. The New Year is the perfect time to take time to think of putting the house in order. I wish you the best this year !!

      God’s best for you and your family 🙂

      Teresa ~

  2. With 4 children still at home, I am constantly de-cluttering. If I don’t, it easily overtakes our house.
    Last month, I played the part of Real Estate Agent and did a tour of our home. I made a list of all the little repairs etc that needed to be done. I never thought of the restful/restless inspection though and will do that this week!
    Thanks again for giving us such a wonderful and encouraging Blog to visit!
    I hope that you are keeping well. My prayers are with you and your family.

    Happy New Year!

    • Thanks Laura ~

      I am glad you were encouraged to take a second look. Sometimes that is all it takes to make a good quick change to a room or space.

      Blessings ~

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