Spring forth Speedily ~

Then shall thy light break forth as the morning, and thine health shall spring forth speedily; and thy righteousness shall go before thee… and the Lord shall guide thee continually, and satisfy thy soul in drought, and make fat thy bones; and thou shalt be like a watered garden, and like a spring of water, whose waters fail not……the repairer of the breach !!

Isaiah 58: 8-12

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30 Day Detox ~

Hello friends I am sorry I have left you for a few weeks. But Praise God I am stronger now and desire to continue to give you encouraging posts. Well, this Christian housewife has been really been changed in the past 30 days for the better. I want to give you a glimpse of what the past 30 days has been like and encourage you in the Lord. He is faithful when we cry unto Him. He will not leave us nor forsake us in our hour of need. Maybe this will encourage you to try a detox even if it is for 3 or more days. Praise the Lord !

Nov. 4, 2010 6cm Cancerous Sarcoma Tumor removed from back left chest wall
Nov. 12, 2010 Met Naturopath Dr for first visit – greatly encouraged the 30 day detox
Nov. 14, 2010 anointed with oil at church and church family laid hands on me and prayed

~~~~~~~~~~~ THE 30 DAY DETOX ~~~~~~~~~~~
Day 1 = November 22, 2010
I began a 30 day detox program I purchased from http://www.herbdoc.com the detox I chose was the Incurables detox.
Prayer/Bible reading a must !!!!
8oz of distilled water upon rising,
dry skin brushing,
hot/cold hydrotherapy shower,
Kidney/ Gall Bladder flush drink weeks 1 & 3 and Liver flush drink week 2 & 4
Detoxification Herb Tea with Tonic,
Intestinal Formula #2 with 8 oz of distilled water,
4 oz of Monavie – immune builder (from Naturopath Dr)
D-Tox Formula – 2 dropperfuls
Fresh vegetable juice with 2 tablespoons of Superfood powder
Exercise or walk and sunshine for at least 30 minutes
Drink potassium broth
Take intestinal Formula # 2 with 8 oz of water again
Eat a raw salad with raw garlic
detoxification Herbal Tea again with tonic
D-Tox Formula again
Drink more carrot/vegetable juice or potassium broth add Cayenne tincture drops to it
Take Intestional Formula #2 again
Drink 8 oz of carrot/vegetable juice again
Drink Detoxification Tea with Tonic again
More carrot/ vegetable or potassium broth one more time
A raw salad with cold pressed olive oil dressing with pressed garlic
At bedtime do hot/cold shower again 7 hots/7 colds back and forth about 10 minutes
Take Intestinal Formula # 1 before bedtime

Day 2 = same routine, passed a few tape worms, favorite verse Jeremiah 30:17
Day 3 = same routine, went to ND and had Sauna and Colonics treatment
Day 4 = same routine (Thanksgiving Day), passed a few more small worms
Day 5 = same routine, wound beginning to heal better
Day 6 = same routine (Family Thanksgiving Feast here)
Day 7 = same routine, my daughter had dream I was healed and was telling everyone
Day 8 = same routine, plus another Sauna and Colonics treatment
Day 9 = same routine, friends came and prayed for me at my house, very weak and emotional
Day 10= same routine, encouraging friends visited
Day 11 = same routine, did my first cold sheet treatment (oh my word ) intense !!!!!!
Day 12 = same routine
Day 13 = same routine, spoke to good friend that has overcame cancer by alternative medicine
Day 14 = same routine, restless night
Day 15 = same routine, sauna and colonics treatment, hope and peace restored
Day 16 = same routine, castor oil pack added to back all night
Day 17 = same routine, castor oil pack again all night
Day 18 = same routine, went to Raw Food Support Group meeting
Day 19 = same routine, sauna and colonics treatment
Day 20 = same routine, lots of energy
Day 21 = Same routine,shouted and ran the victory at church today
Day 22 = same routine,did exercise dvd with my husband tonight, started adding more raw foods
Day 23 = same routine, some raw foods added, smiling a lot more and singing around house
Day 24 = same routine, sauna and colonics treatment
Day 25 = same routine, some raw foods added, wound looks great
Day 26 = same routine, visitors and encouragement
Day 27 = same routine, went to the first Vegetarian Support group meeting
Day 28 = same routine, some raw foods, encouraged, ran and shouted the victory at church today
Day 29 = same routine, new exercise dvd to praise and worship music
Day 30 = same routine, raw foods added……praise God !!!! Feel so alive and well ~

Hallelujah the finish line !!! The hardest race I have ever ran ……… all praise and glory goes to the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords, Jesus Christ.

I have not had sugar, meat, dairy, cooked food (very little), or salt (hardly any) in 30 days !!!!!!
I have lost 15-16 pounds and feel so good. I have lots of energy and feel so alive. It is possible to do a long fast but you need Jesus all day everyday I promise you that. Lots of repentance and tears. It cleans body, soul and spirit.

Whew, more updates later….. be encouraged God is still on the throne.

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