Pressing forward ~

My last post I told you my new health situation. Well, to update you I decided to post again. The last few weeks have been the biggest changes I have ever had in my entire 44 years of life. Wow, Cancer is an ugly word, huh? Well, It threw me flat on my face before the Almighty God. I want to encourage you that He does hear the cries of His children. I would have never chose this path for myself. But, He has chosen it for me and I know He will be the only one to get me safely to the other side of it.
After much prayer and intercessory prayer I have decided to seek a naturopath doctor and to claim my healing through Alternative medicine -vs- orthodox medicine. This is a very new journey and I am taking it only one day at a time. I have a peace though that is unexplainable.
Please be in prayer for me and my family as we walk this way with Jesus. There are a lot of nay sayers and doubters hovering over but I feel strongly to plow ahead.
I will be updating again soon….

God is our healer !!!
Mrs. Teresa A. Haley

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  1. My Mother in law had cancer last year. She spent the whole year “dealing” with it so I know (through her experience) kind of what you’re going through.
    You have to do what you feel is best for you! All the best and know that those of us that care about you are praying for a full recovery.
    Take care! God Bless…


    • Love you Laura and I believe God has my good in mind and this all will be for my betterment.

      Praising Him !!!
      Teresa ~

  2. I have been and will continue to keep you and your entire family in my prayers. You have always been such an inspiration as a wife and mother, and you are already inspiring others with your attitude toward this situation and your confidence in God.

  3. Praise Him Sis! My name is Kathy and I am from Family Life Center Apostolic Church in Whittier,Ca. and our Assistant Pastors wife was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer just last year. Someone told her about the Hallelujah Diet. It is an all vegan diet and involves alot of juicing. They believe that God designed our bodies to heal itself but we don’t supply it with enough fruits and vegetables to do so. It involves alot of juicing. Well in less than a year she is now cancer free. If you would like more information I know she would love to share with you. My number is 562.972.3417. My prayers are with you God Bless!!!!

    • Wow Kathy this is soooooo encouraging !!! Thank you for replying. I have the book the Hallelujah Diet and have read it. I believe in it !!! Thanks for the number I will be calling you 🙂 God bless and keep you, sis.

      Teresa ~

      • PTL!!! I hope that your talk with Sis. Yolanda went well. She is definitely a living testimony of what God can do. Please keep us updated on your healing. Remember that you have sisters in Christ on the other side of the country praying for you! Its funny how God works cuz one day on facebook I had commented on a photo of Nancy Qrandquists and your face popped up on the side so I happened to click on it and the first thing I saw was your blog. I do appreciate your blogs you keep me encouraged to be a better housewife!!

      • Yes I love her!!! God sent you to me and she has been a daily source of encouragement. She will be my friend the rest of my life !!!! Thanks again so much and Praise God for his faithfulness to send us just what we need at the right time…..

        Teresa ~

  4. Please know that I will be praying for you and your precious family. I think that the path you have chosen to persue for healing is wise. I have been studying about alternative medicine & naturopathy and know that a committed, born-again Christian can follow (discerningly) through the required regime for healing.
    May our Heavenly Father, the Ultimate Healer, wrap you up in His wonderful arms of strength & comfort.

    Under His Wings,

    • Thanks for the encouraging words, Malinda. I know Jesus is the Healer of all diseases. He gets all the glory !!!!

      Teresa ~

  5. May God bless you as you begin this journey to be cancer-free. It is so scary, but with God you will make it to the goal !! I pray your natural rememdies will work greatly for you. Will you be sharing your remedies and experiences or is that too personal? I know I think of the ugly word, “cancer” quite often and wonder when it will hit our family. Take good care of yourself and I pray you will have peace during this journey!

    • I believe I am going to share what I am doing because so many are interested. I am still praying about all that. Thanks for asking. Praise the Lord!!

  6. Praying that God will heal you completely & give you wisdom in nutrition & natural resources.

  7. Just want to share with you this website:
    This guy healed himself from cancer with raw animal foods and now heal other people having 97% success rate. (Compare to 10-20% success of “conventional” treatment).

    God created wonderful foods that can not only sustain us, but heal in the time of need.

    God bless you.

    • interesting …. I will look into it.

      Bless you ~

  8. just wanted you to know that i prayed for you and your family altho I only come here occasionally. God will lead you and help you.

    • Yes and thank you so much for your prayers, friend.


  9. I would like to remind you about James 5,14-16.It helped me a lot when I had health problems.I like your blog very much and I hope you will write again to encourage young homemakers like me.Your posts helped me organize my work and express my love for my husband.

    • love you Ramona and so thankful this blog has ministered to you. I am looking forward to getting back to it soon.

      Teresa ~

  10. A Blessed Morning to You Dear Theresa!

    How touched was I by what happened to your so precious health! May I just let you know that you will be in my Prayers everyday.
    I deeply understand your so delicate situation,but our
    Dear Lord is always so close to us to bring to us
    the Light that we needed.
    May we send to You a lot of Love and Hugs.
    With our Fondest Affection.

    Genevieve and Alex

    • Oh I am so honored to have friends and prayer partners that I have never seen. Thank you for working in the spirit on my behalf. I am greatly encouraged and believe God for His best this next year !!!!!!

      Bless you richly !

  11. Hello Teresa

    I am very sorry to hear about your cancer, but am glad that you are feeling so much better. I was watching a DVD last night. It’s called the RAVE diet. Basically, it’s about doctors and mostly people in the medical profession who didn’t want to have heart bypass or chemo and radiation for cancer. They totally changed their diets to plant based. Absolutely no animal products, and they had an astounding success rate. Also people who had had cancer surgery and went on the diet had 0% recurrence after 4 years compared to the other people who followed a normal diet who’s recurrence was about 38% after 4 years.

    My cousin was diagnosed with cancer a year or so back and she also totally changed her diet to vegan, even though she also went for chemo. Her cancer count has improved tremendously. It’s about the acidity in your body, that helps the cancer grow or retards the growth, and your body’s own immune system that needs to be fed healthy foods to fight the cancer cells.

    I really hope this helps even just a little bit. I will pray for you. May God bless you and keep you.

    Thank you for this lovely site. I only discovered it this evening, and I think it is really a lovely peaceful place to come and visit.

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