Simplicity ~

Today, I was reading through a cookbook I have: Simple Pleasures by Jenny Craig. In the front of the cookbook she has written a few pages of encouragement on simplifying your life and reducing stress. I thought this page was encouraging to me and I thought I would share a sample of the page with you. If you are interested in your own copy
ISBN # 0-8487-1838-0 Simple Pleasures

Blessings to you ~

Simplicity ~
Balance isn’t about saving the best until last. It’s about building your day around the things that matter the most. When you do not have time to do everything on your schedule, just be sure to do the things that energize and fulfill you. The rest will fall into place.
What do you need right now? Maybe a bite to eat, a sip of water, a short nap, or a leisurely stroll. When you indulge in a simple 5-10 minute act of self-care, you nurture your mind, body, and spirit. You’ll find that once you take the time to do these things, you’ll have more energy and hopefully a brighter outlook on your day.

Tips to Simplify ~

…at work
* reduce weekend and late evening hours
* limit important task to five or less
* clear your desk of extra papers and add a single photo
* pare down your wardrobe with stress-free neutrals
* delegate, delegate, delegate

…at home
* combine shopping and errand in one trip
* limit social engagements and make them memorable
* combine physical activities with family time
* reduce magazine subscriptions to just a few
* give back-of-closet clothes to charity

…in the kitchen
* make one-dish weekday meals
* prepare a recipe using just its key ingredients
* clean behind yourself as you go
* simplify entertaining to potlucks
* finish off the meal with a simple fruit or a sorbet

When it comes to decorating, home management, office organization, or even cooking, the trend is toward minimalism. Everyone is looking to reduce clutter – at work, at home, and in the kitchen. The payoff: more time to indulge in healthy pleasures ~

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