Rearing Young People~

Rearing Godly Young People ~

Well, I have been thinking on this matter lately and decided to write about it. There are so many good books with materials on raising young children and then there seems to be a shortage on materials when the children reaches 13 and older. I have been so blessed to have discovered several nuggets for the older years of rearing young people/adults. We have 19-year-old boy/girl twins and that is all the children the Lord has blessed us with so we have had to learn everything the first time around. I can see what a benefit it would be to have a house full of children to practice and perfect your parenting skills on. But, in our case we have only one shot. It has been a learning journey.

Today, as I was working on my housework I thought about potential suitors or opposite sex friendships. Our children have had several friends through the years. But, as they age they look at these friendships in a different light. Which is a good thing actually. We now try to think of how these friendships might develop into future mates. So as young people begin to age you have to use extra caution with who they are developing friendships with.

I have a book list I highly recommend for rearing young people that I can post at another time if you are interested. But, right now I want to share about two books that came this week that I ordered from Sandi Queen. The tiles are:
1. Courtship (Why?, When?, How?) By Sandi Queen
2. Questions for Potential Suitors By Keith and Sandi Queen

These booklets are short, sweet, straight to the point. Which is my favorite, btw. I read both of them in 30 minutes. They are about 15 pages each. I liked them both. The Questions booklet was my favorite. Wow, some very serious questions for potential interested young adults.

Also, today as I was going about my housework I thought of an idea that I would love to get together on this subject. Here it is. Well, first take a 3 ring binder (thin) 1/2 inch or smaller and put plastic page protector sheets in it and label the front something like.
The Haley Book of Convictions and Particulars for Potential Suitors.
Kind of like a handbook thingy. One page on personal beliefs and maybe a page on why we don’t have a TV in the home, why we do not put up a Christmas tree, our birth control beliefs, why we don’t hunt Easter eggs, why we don’t wear pants or trim our hair, our beliefs on divorce/remarriage,why we don’t care for slang word usage, etc…… and add an article or short summary of our family beliefs and practices on each of the big ideas that a potential suitor would really need to know before moving too much further into pursuing one of our children.

This would take several days to compile but it would be a priceless tool. I am thinking about making two, one to keep as a mastercopy and the other to loan out as needed to interested individuals that may be pursuing our children.

Well, wish me l the best on getting this job done. And maybe someday I will be selling these at Homeschool conventions or on a website or something…..

Bless you as you are rearing your precious young people who God has intrusted you with to get them safely to the marriage altar. It is a very overwhelming responsibility and can only be done successfully with the Holy Spirit’s perfect guidance.

Love you all ~
Teresa Haley

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  1. I just found your blog tonight and have been enjoying very much. I look forward to reading more.

    BTW, my maiden name was Haley.


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