Washing dishes ~

I love having my sinks empty and cleaned. It is an all day battle but it can be done. I find that if I clean it first and last thing everyday that I have a jump-start on the motivation to keep it empty and clean the whole day. The family seems to appreciate the orderly kitchen sink and try harder to make an effort to load their dishes in the dishwasher themselves if the sink in empty when they get there. I want to encourage you to try to keep your dishes washed and dried and put away for 1 week and see the results in your own spirit and energy plus your other family members. This is a good time to train your older children to help watch the sink and to do their part in this effort.

I am praying for you this week as you strive for an orderly kitchen sink. It makes the rest of the house feel cleaner just knowing the kitchen sink and drainers are empty.

You can do it !!!!

Teresa ~

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  1. I agree!
    If there are dishes in my sink, I feel like the whole house is a mess or something.
    Weird, I know but it’s how I feel. It just feels so disorganized when the sinks are full of dirty dishes.

    My kids don’t care though. 😉


    • Yes Laura I know what you mean !! I like to keep a clean kitchen, too ~


  2. I haven’t been over in a while, but I skimmed through most of your old posts a couple of weeks ago and I just want to thank you for this blog. It is very practical for women like me, so thank you.

    • You are so welcome, I wish I could post more often than I do.

      Bless you dear ~

  3. Thank you Teresa, I am in I will let you know how I go!
    Jilly oxo

    • Rooting for you !!! Best wishes.

  4. This is so true, the kitchen is the main area of our home and I do love it when it’s clean and orderly. I just recently started to make sure my faucet was shiny when I left the kitchen, and that in itself makes a huge difference in how the kitchen looks.
    Thanks for your blog, I LOVE it!

    • Oh Julianne, how sweet. Yes it does make a huge difference. Bless you ~


  5. My goodness I love you I want to be a housewife just like you!!! Thank you for being such a good example to us.

    • Kathy, I think it all boils down to hard work. You have to be willing to be a cheerful servant all day long !!! Takes prayer for the cheerful part 🙂

      Love you, too !!

  6. Thank you so much for this very encouraging post.

    I love to see my kitchen “sorted”, and it is not that easy to do with four children at home. I’m encouraging them to put their plates and cups immediately in the dishwasher, and before I start the machine, all I have to do is to re-arrange them a little in the racks.
    Somehow when something as simple as dirty dishes is taken care of, it seems to make my job a whole lot easier.
    I do look forward to more of these encouraging articles on this wonderful site!

    • Thanks Fiona I totally agree !!!

  7. plz pray for me. i’m pregnant and have a young toddler… the dishes is my bane and always have been, but i’m so tired the sink is always full. we only have a small compact dishwasher that doesn’t take much, we mostly handwash because of this (we’re in an apt). dishes are the hardest thing. but before i was pregnant I did dishes 2-3x’s a day to keep the sink empty!

  8. Having four growing children is indeed a challenge to maintain the kitchen as orderly as possible. There will be times that they go in the kitchen to fix a sandwich and leave everything behind. What I did with my kids was introduce a “tidy up” song. Every time they use the kitchen, the song plays.

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