Pathway Readers~

I highly recommend these books. We used these all the way to the 8th grade. The children loved the stories. They were very character building. Safe reading !!! You can use them as supplemental reading or you can use them as your main reading curriculum. Hope you enjoy them as much as we did ~ I have the readers put up for our grandchildren some day 🙂

Have a happy day ~

Pathway Readers

When we were kids, we used to learn to read with wholesome stories about Dick and Jane. Today, kids learn to read with stories like “Why Does Johnny Have Two Daddies?”

At Learning Things, we’ve had enough of the political agendas that have infiltrated school textbooks and assaulted America’s children with immoral, perverted values. We believe kids should have the opportunity to learn to read without being victimized by the content of what they’re reading. So we decided to seek out alternatives. School textbooks with clean, wholesome, traditional values are not as easy to find as they were a generation ago, but fortunately there are still alternatives available.

For reading skills, we recommend Pathway Readers. These books are written by Amish farmers and used in Amish schools. They are not the easiest people to work with because they have no telephones, no computers, and no fax machines. If you’re not familiar with the Amish, they are the ones who don’t use any modern conveniences like cars, electricity, computers, telephones or televisions. They grow their own food and have their own self-sustained communities. As a result, the Amish have not been tainted by the immoral values which have assaulted the rest of our nation. The stories in Pathway Readers are wholesome and safe for kids. Pathway Readers are available for grades 1-8.

you can find them at this website

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