Washing dishes ~

I love having my sinks empty and cleaned. It is an all day battle but it can be done. I find that if I clean it first and last thing everyday that I have a jump-start on the motivation to keep it empty and clean the whole day. The family seems to appreciate the orderly kitchen sink and try harder to make an effort to load their dishes in the dishwasher themselves if the sink in empty when they get there. I want to encourage you to try to keep your dishes washed and dried and put away for 1 week and see the results in your own spirit and energy plus your other family members. This is a good time to train your older children to help watch the sink and to do their part in this effort.

I am praying for you this week as you strive for an orderly kitchen sink. It makes the rest of the house feel cleaner just knowing the kitchen sink and drainers are empty.

You can do it !!!!

Teresa ~

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Pathway Readers~

I highly recommend these books. We used these all the way to the 8th grade. The children loved the stories. They were very character building. Safe reading !!! You can use them as supplemental reading or you can use them as your main reading curriculum. Hope you enjoy them as much as we did ~ I have the readers put up for our grandchildren some day 🙂

Have a happy day ~

Pathway Readers

When we were kids, we used to learn to read with wholesome stories about Dick and Jane. Today, kids learn to read with stories like “Why Does Johnny Have Two Daddies?”

At Learning Things, we’ve had enough of the political agendas that have infiltrated school textbooks and assaulted America’s children with immoral, perverted values. We believe kids should have the opportunity to learn to read without being victimized by the content of what they’re reading. So we decided to seek out alternatives. School textbooks with clean, wholesome, traditional values are not as easy to find as they were a generation ago, but fortunately there are still alternatives available.

For reading skills, we recommend Pathway Readers. These books are written by Amish farmers and used in Amish schools. They are not the easiest people to work with because they have no telephones, no computers, and no fax machines. If you’re not familiar with the Amish, they are the ones who don’t use any modern conveniences like cars, electricity, computers, telephones or televisions. They grow their own food and have their own self-sustained communities. As a result, the Amish have not been tainted by the immoral values which have assaulted the rest of our nation. The stories in Pathway Readers are wholesome and safe for kids. Pathway Readers are available for grades 1-8.

you can find them at this website

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Silver Anniv. pics ~

Our 25th Wedding Anniversary Celebration was truly wonderful. We had a terrific evening with several of our family and friends, I believe we counted around 55 people. The food was so wonderful, a big thank you to my friend Tammy Vanderford , who catered the food. We were very pleased with how the flowers and cake turned out, too. Wow, the Lord blessed us beyond our highest expectations. I am so thankful for all the beautiful cards and gifts. May the Lord bless each and every one of you that shared this special memory with us !!! Here are a few pictures to share with you, may the Lord richly bless and keep you ~

The main table ~

Our family ~

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25th Anniversary ~

Mr. and Mrs. Clinton Boyce Haley
~ married 9-28-1985 ~

We are so excited about this years wedding anniversary. It makes 25 for us. I feel so very blessed ~ the Lord has smiled on our lives together. We are having a celebration party this Saturday evening at 6 pm. We are expecting around 50 quests to be with us. Our dear Pastor will be leading us in a renewed vow exchange. We are looking forward to this special weekend. Then next weekend we are running away together to Nashville, TN to stay in a wonderful condo for 3 days and renew our love for one another. Plan on getting some great pictures, too. Please pray for us as we recommit our lives to each other and to our Lord ~

Sincerely ~
Mrs. Teresa A. Haley

“Marriage is choosing someone again and again to love and to cherish with each new dawn.”

“It doesn’t matter where you go in life, what you do ….. it’s who you have beside you.”

“Our anniversary is a time to look back at the good times and a time to look ahead to live our dreams together.”

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Worthy Books ~

Dear friends ~
I just finished reading “Beautiful Girlhood”, by Mabel Hale. I can’t tell you how wonderful this book is. It ought to be on every woman’s and older daughter’s reading list. Here is a glimpse ~

Be encouraged to reach for higher ideals and stardards of living ….
Teresa Haley

Making Friends of Books
“Of making many books there is no end.”* (Ecclesiastes 12:12)

Who would not count it an honor to have among her friends the wisest, noblest, and best of earth, and have their friendship so intimate that at any time she might go to them and converse with them and have their opinions upon the matters of importance? If only one such friend were yours or mine, should we not feel honored indeed, and would we not cultivate that friendship that if possible our lives might be brightened by the association? I am certain that each one of us would feel just such an interest in so exalted a friendship.

Would you be surprised if I should tell you that such a friendship is possible, not only with one or two superior persons, but with all the wisest and best of all time? That is the fact in the case. We are all provided with means by which we may become acquainted with those who have moved earth’s masses most, whose lives have influenced most people for good, knowing the very motives and desires of their hearts and learning exactly what their opinions were or are. The medium for all this wonderful knowledge is the printed page. Through books we may, very intimately, know the wisest and best. I may take a book and go into the quietness of my room and there read, as a great personal letter, what the author has to say, and there compare his views with those of others and with my own, gathering wisdom for my personal store. What a privilege this!

It is said that a person becomes like his friends. This is a very truthful saying, for association makes a great difference in the life of anyone. Especially is this true of the young. Boys and girls in the teens will almost certainly be like those with whom they most intimately associate, especially if they have chosen their associates. Like begets like, and we naturally seek out and enjoy those who are congenial to us, passing by those whose tastes and manners are offensive. It is not only the personal touch that makes this likeness, but the exchange of ideas. By the interchange of thought and expression all become to a great extent one, each giving to the other something of himself, and receiving to himself of the other.

What is true of personal friendships is also true of book friendships. If I choose only the books that I like to read, and after a while give you a list of those books, you can know, though you never see me face to face, just what kind of person I am, just how my thoughts run, and what I admire most in people and things. And if I habitually choose books that I believe will be the best for me, and read them carefully until I understand them and make their thoughts my own, I will in time become like those books in thought, and will be lifted out of the rut I naturally would have run in.

When a girl chooses her friends she should as much as possible select those who will be a help to her. If she chooses the quiet, modest, sincere, earnest girls for her friends, she will become like them; but if her friends are mostly the thoughtless, giddy kind, though she had been a reasonably sensible girl in the beginning, she will soon be as her companions.

So it is with books. If a girl will choose her books from those whose ideals are high and whose language is pure and clean, unconsciously she will mold her life like to those portrayed in the books she reads; but if her book friends are the giddy, impure, unchaste kind, you may be certain that the girl will become like them.

I have heard the assertion that to go to any girl’s bookcase and there study for a little while the books she reads, will give to one a true estimate of that girl’s character, and I believe this is in the main true.

If a girl is interested in history she may have at her command the works of educated men who have made history a special study, and there she may seek out just what they have learned on the particular point that interests her. If she is interested in science, medicine, art, chemistry, music, or business, in books she can find the thoughts and conclusions of those who have made these a life study.

Every girl likes in one way or another the social side of life. By going to the proper kind of authors she may get glimpses of and even come into intimate acquaintance with, the lives of the purest and noblest of earth. She can through her book friends converse with people of the highest and noblest ideals. Or she may seek out those whose lives are foul and bitter and enter with them into their dark deeds, smudging her young heart with the worst sins of the world.

I believe every girl would be able to choose rightly if, when she begins a book, she would ask herself these questions: Would I like to read this book aloud to my mother? Would I feel honored in intimately knowing the people of this book in real life? Would pure society approve of the conduct of these story-people? Can I profitably make my life pattern after the ideals I here find? Would the reading of this book help me to better serve my Lord? If these questions can be answered in the affirmative, then she may safely read the book; but if not, even though the book is very enticing, let her put it away, for it is poison.

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Linen Closets ~

Care and Management of a Linen Cupboard~

In the era of cloth not paper napkins, of tablecloths, and dish cloths it was important to know how to care for those items and preserve them in the best manner.
“A Linen cupboard should be in an airy dry situation to prevent mildew, not against an outside wall.

One shelf should be set apart for table linen, another for bed linen, a third for bedroom and bath towels, others for dusters, tea-cloths, oven- cloths, etc. In order that each article may have its fair share of wear, everything as it comes back from the wash should be laid at the bottom of its own respective pile and the clean supply be given only from the top.”
~Annie Butterworth, Manual of household work and management

In her Efficient Household Purchasing chapter of Household Engineering Christine Frederick advises January as the best time to purchase household linens. The same holds true today.

Mrs. Frederick also felt that there needed to be detailed records of where linens and clothing were stored including the date of purchase, size and number of items (such as bed sheets), and other such distinguishing details written on a card and placed in with other House Records.

Another timely tip, this one on alternative ways to keep bugs at bay from your fine linens came from Practical Housekeeping…
Lacking closets, vintage homes would use an armoire such as this to store clean linens.
“In the country remote from drug-stores, many housekeepers use the dried leaves of sage, thyme, spearmint, and other highly scented herbs. These are gathered after the housewife has laid in all she may require for cooking and medicinal purposes, are tied in bunches and dried, and then laid among the clothes in the large wooden chest ; or a pole is laid from rafter to rafter, and the clothing is hung over this, and casings of calico or old cotton quilts are carefully pinned around each garment, the bunches of herbs being also pinned at intervals about the clothing.”
~Practical Housekeeping 1887

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Homemaker’s mentor~

The Homemaker’s Mentor ~

This is a beautiful website that I thought you might love as much as I do. We all need a mentor when it comes to homemaking and this site is very user friendly and encouraging.

Have fun exploring it.

click on this link:

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