Spring Fling ~

Spring Fling ~

I don’t know about you but I love to get rid of and throw things away and I strive to keep things neat and organized. But, where does all this stuff come from? I can’t imagine how high it would be if I never threw or gave anything away. I try to take a bag to the Goodwill donation center every two weeks even if it a small one. This info came out of that same little book by Renee Ellison and I will share a paragraph with you that I liked on this topic.

Striving for order ~

Sort and Pitch page 15

Get rid of all excess stuff. There are simply whole trash cans full of stuff that you don’t need sitting around your house, basement and garage. All of this stuffed, wedged, stockpiled paraphernalia weighs you down subconsciously. Sorting down external material possessions stashed on shelves, in boxes, cupboards, drawers and filing cabinets has a profound impact on your psyche.
When you get control of it, it serves to narrow down and define where you are actually going in life. it is a physical way to focus internally. for maximum, immediate freedom, do it for 15 minutes each day as your highest priority and stick with it ” til it’s” completed, even if it takes months.

Eliminate and concentrate ~ dejunk and declutter.

Proverbs 31:27
The wise woman looks WELL to the ways of her household….This is not a casual endeavor. Apply yourself to it.

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  1. Great idea- 15 minutes a day to de-clutter. I can do that! By the way, what is the best way to clean (and keep clean) a vinyl shower curtain that has a little mildew on it?

    • Bleach!! Most liners can be put in the washer on gentle cycle and air dried. Or put bleach in a spray bottle and mist it good on both sides. It works miracles:-)

      Bleach kills and eats mildew!!


  2. I like to do a regular de-clutter, I only did one last weekend of my study and managed to throw away 2 bin fulls of rubbish – I do sometimes wonder where it all comes from!! I feel so much better when have done the clean out:)


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