Preparing meals ~

Planning and Preparing Good Meals (on time)

This article is taken from a little book of mine called, Turn-your-head-Home Management Strategies by Renee Ellison. I was reminded again today of how important cooking good home-made meals are. My son told me today that he missed my good old fashion recipes that he loves. He asked when was I gonna fix some of his favorites that he has been missing like: real mashed potatoes, blackberry cobbler, lasagna, old fashion potato soup, green bean casserole, broccoli cornbread, and a few others. Well, I did think back over the last couple weeks and my meal planning needs a revival, lots of repetitious meals. This article encouraged me and I pray it will encourage you too. Here are a few highlights ~

Here’s to some good ol’ home cooked meals this week 🙂

page 13
If meal preparation does not stay your highest priority through the years of raising a family, your household will suffer by little degrees and by big. Many woman trade meal preparation hours for decorating, phone calls, etc…while their families face dashed expectations over and over.

So, see to it that before proceeding on any personal projects you’ve made sure your family’s food is all prepared for the entire day, the grocery shopping is done for the morrow, the house is fully cleaned and picked up.

It is important to deliver wholesome nutritious food for the families stomach. As a mother you’re engaged in providing food for others from the womb to the tomb. You might as well saddle in and not only get used to it, but work at improving your delivery. since it must be done, the only way to enjoy it is to improve doing it !!!! Running out to meet your meal preparation ahead of time removes the fear and dread of having to do it at all.

A good cook always has one foot in the next meal. Realize meal preparation takes time. Protect that time. Pray for God to help you with ideas when you feel bankrupt and out of steam. Begin to do it with excellence. Finesse both your skill and your delivery.

You optimum strategy is to do all your food preps first thing in the morning. Set out any frozen food needed for the evening meal.

Run out to meet your meals or you’ll be mowed over when they arrive. As long as we’re on earth this is a necessary work, vital work, rewarding work. See to it that you consistently give your best time and your best energies to it. Your family will rise up and call you blessed if you do.

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  1. You always seem to post exactly what I need to read, when I need to read it.
    I struggle.. I’ll admit it.
    I LOVE to bake.. love, love, love it. Cooking meals has never been my thing though.
    I feel so uninspired. Oh, I go through phases where I do well but then I peter out.. begin making “easy stuff”. Things that really don’t satisfy anyone.

    So.. I was very happy to read this post tonight and it has inspired me to try to do better this week. Because you’re right. It’s what I’m supposed to be doing. 🙂


  2. Wow! What a shot in the arm of encouragement! Thanks so much!

  3. I’ve really been encouraged by your articles. You have a no-nonsense direct approach. Thanks for encouraging us all. It’s really making a difference in my homemaking!

  4. Thank you for a wonderful post!

    I love the way God works things out for us, I had just spent some time out on a walk and then some time at HJ’s (Burger King) I call it; Me time!!
    I am a carer for both my precious Hubby and our beautiful son so my days are always very full but also exciting!

    Anyhoo, I decided that I would do my meal plan (menu) for the month and my shopping list while I was having me time! It was just a great time, knowing I was preparing good healthy food for my precious family. I feel it is so important to know what goes into the food that our families eat. I am also so happy to say we had NO take always this month except the two that we take our son out for on the pay days. :o)

    I am so pleased with my achievements this month. I know I couldn’t do it without God or the encouragement I get from places like here and my FlyLady friends!! :o)
    Thank you so much for your encouragement to be even better than we where the day before it means a lot!!

  5. I am a home cooking mum and love it – sometimes it can be hard to think of a recipe – but I have a few that are quick and easy to make after a busy day. I take out the meat for the next night, the night before so it is defrosted which makes things a bit easier. I sometimes (like last night) make a dessert such as bread and butter pudding. My son loves that.


  6. thanks for posting that article and the name of the book. i may get it. i run out of steam lots of time recently b/c i’m pregnant again and so fatigued.

  7. Thank you for your article!
    Last week, I went a bought some beautiful recipe cards and have been copying some new recipes from “The Pioneer Woman Cooks” from the library. I was just thinking as I was copying, how important this was to my family as well as myself (not getting stuck in a rut). It has been fun to check out different cookbooks and find several new recipes, copy them and add them to my notebook that menu plan from.
    Thanks again for your post! It is such an imporant topic for us to think about and pursue.


  8. This is a wonderful reminder and something I’ve been thinking about daily as I’m tempted to do something quick and easy. I’m reading Elisabeth Elliot’s Discipline, and this book has really encouraged me to press on and do the next thing…which means making good meals each day for my family.

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