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~ Back to School tips for Homeschoolers~

With thirteen years of homeschooling, I’ve learned that schedules and routines along with eliminating chaos and wasted time, sets the stage for a much better school day. I’m not promising you perfection, but by implementing these practical organizational tips, you should find your school day running more smoothly and efficiently.

First, you should have a school schedule with a starting time, class order, lunch time and ending time.

1. Start by setting a realistic time for everyone to be up by in the morning.

2. Figure out how much time is needed for breakfast and getting ready for the day. You should have a morning routine with every child knowing what they need to do, like getting dressed, making their beds, brushing their teeth, etc. and what time they need to be done by.

3. Then set your school start time. Every child should know the start time and be ready at that time.

4. Next, decide which order you want to do the classes in. These decisions will be affected by how many classes your children do together, how many they do separate and how many they can do on their own.

5. Schedule classes you need to do with children at the same time as classes other children can be doing on their own. This way everyone is doing school and you are free to teach a class without interruption from the other children.

6. You can also have quiet reading assigned or computer school game time for any students that get done with their class before you are done teaching the other children. Every student needs to know which class they should be doing and what to do if they get done early. The goal is to keep things calm, quiet and non-chaotic to create a good learning environment and keep things moving along smoothly.

7. Now, find a good break in classes to set a lunch time. You may also want to have a short recess time after lunch to get some energy out of any restless children.

8. Then do your afternoon classes, ending at a reasonable time. It is good to have a “done by” time set so the school day doesn’t tend to drag on longer than it should.

You should also have specific places for children to be doing school.

1. Pick a place to teach classes that you need to do with your children and places for children to do the classes they will be doing on their own. For example, you could teach classes at the dining room table and have children who are doing classes on their own be in their rooms.

2. Having desks or small tables in their rooms make an excellent place to do school. Older students often do well with being able to go to their room, shut the door and focus on school.

3. If you have the luxury of an extra room in your house, you could set up a school room with desks and assigned seating.

4. The important thing is for every child to know where they should be for specific classes at specific times. This creates a sense of order and routine, which children do well in.

Another important factor to organizing your school day is eliminating distractions that take you away from teaching school. This can be especially hard if you also work from your home like I do. You have to make yourself focus on school and not be pulled away by other things.

1. If you use your computer a lot for work, it helps to not have your computer close at hand while doing school. The “out of sight, out of mind” helps minimize the pull it can have on you.

2. Check your email, sales, articles, accounts and anything else work related in the morning and leave them alone until you are done with school unless you are waiting on something that absolutely can’t wait.

3. Screen your phone calls and do not answer them unless it’s important. You’re not being rude, you’re prioritizing. You can call people back after school is done.

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  1. I don’t Homeschool but I DO need to get myself organized for my kids heading back to school. 🙂
    Hard to believe it is that time again already.

    I really need to go back and re-read some of your previous posts. I’ve been feeling very lazy and have little desire to clean lately. I think I’ve just got the end of the summer ho-hums!
    I need a fire lit under me! 😛

    Thanks again for providing all of us with such wonderful information. Your encouragement in the area’s of Marriage, Motherhood, Housekeep and Faith are MUCH needed in todays world.


    • Thanks Laura you are so welcome. Yes, sometimes it is hard to get motivated to work hard when it is sooooo hot outside. It drains your energy.
      I think that is why people do spring and fall cleaning – the cooler temps!!

      Be encouraged !

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