Simple mending ~

As I was preparing to mend a few holes in some of my summer sweaters I thought about encouraging you in your mending chores. The old saying is true …a stitch in time~ saves 9. The key is to stitch in time. There are lots of things that we just throw away because we don’t want to do a little mending. Also some of our favorite things just need a few stitches and they will have lots more use. I keep a small sewing basket in my laundry room with the basic colors of thread and plenty of needles in it. That way if I am washing or ironing a garment and notice a mending need it is easy to just whip it out right then and there. Buttons just seem to get loose and hems seem to come unraveled as we wash and wear our clothes. Toes out in socks are a constant problem if toe nails are not trimmed regularly.

Be encouraged today to get that mending pile out and do a few a day til they are all caught up ~

Happy mending~

Items to include in a sewing kit:

~ 2 pair of scissors– an inexpensive pair of paper scissors and a good quality pair of fabric shears. By including both pair of scissors, you are insuring that the fabric scissors will last a long time.

~ Straight pins & Pin Cushion – many people, find the quilting pins with colored heads, easier to handle. Visit a notions department and see the vast assortment available on today’s market. A magnetic pin holder is also available in most notions departments.

~A tape measure

~ A gauge – This is a great tool for making accurate measurements and for tracing straight lines such as darts.

~ A seam ripper– These are available in many sizes and some are glorified. All new seam rippers are sharp and precise.

~ Hand sewing needles – a nice assortment to fit various sewing needs Thread – a variety of basic colors in a good quality thread. This is one place the skimping is not worth while.

~ She seeketh wool, and flax, and worketh willingly with her hands. ~ Proverbs 31:13

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  1. My husband is a Tailor. We own and Men’s clothing store and anytime something needs to be mended, he does it.

    Since I still haven’t finished the Tote Bag I started in grade 9, it’s probably better this way… 😀

    Perhaps I will try to darn up some toes of socks.. just to see if I can.


  2. Very good advice, as always. All girls and women need to know how to do basic mending, at the very least.

    • I agree BJ thanks for the comment !

      Teresa ~

  3. I really enjoy this website. It’s very nice to have very straightforward, step-by-step instruction. This has really helped to challenge me and has helped me to think twice about the quality of my work. I add some of these articles to my collection of articles and scripture I keep in the kitchen in a folder for quick reference and inspiration.

    • So thankful that this blog has been a blessing to you dear friend ~


  4. I’d never thought of putting supplies right in the laundry room. Right now I have a laundry dungeon. Maybe someday!


    • Hope you slay the laundry dragon and clean up your dungeon, haha

      Teresa ~

  5. I stopped throwing things away with the intention to mend them many months ago but I have not mended any of the stuff I’ve not thrown away. So I have this big bag staring at me. A month ago I actually did about 4 items. Yay! but I really need to get cracking on the rest.

    Thanks for the encouragement to do a few items each day.

    • I am cheering for you Jennifer. I know you can do it.

      Teresa ~

  6. Thank you for this simple list! We have made little sewing kits like this as gifts for young ladies. All they need is a booklet with step-by-step instructions …

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