Homemaker Hats ~

Have you ever felt like you needed a hat rack for all the hats that you wear as a wife/homemaker? No wonder why, here is a list of a few hats you may put on during any given day while in your home

~ Teresa

Occupations of a Homemaker ~

~ Executive Assistant (husbands are the executives and wives are the assistants or help-meets)
~ Vice-President of Family (helps husband in the direction and training of the children)
~ Referee (puts an end to sibling rivalry)
~ Restaurateur (makes nutritional menus for the family and organizes meal times)
~ Chef (prepares and cooks the meals)
~ Baker (bakes and decorates birthday cakes and other goodies on occasion)
~ Marketing Executive (finds unique ways in preparing foods the children don’t like so they will eat them; such as spinach, carrots, etc.)
~ Dishwasher (self-explanatory)
~ Janitor (dusts, vacuums, mop floors, clean bathrooms, etc.)
~ Canner (canning garden produce, making preserves, freezing)
~ Gardener (water garden, pull weeds, etc.)
~ Laundry Manager (wash and dry clothes, iron if necessary)
~ Seamstress (mending and sewing clothes)
~ Interior Designer (decorates home to make it welcoming to those who enter, especially those who dwell there)
~ Hairdresser (Attends to children’s hair & sometimes cuts hubby’s hair)
~ Singer (all children love to hear their mothers sing)
~ Teacher (we are commanded by God to train our children)
~ Nurse (clean and bandage cuts and scrapes)
~ Pharmacist (gives out proper dosage of medicine to sick children)
~ Veterinarian (attempts to help all living creatures brought in the house by children who find the wounded creatures)
~ Undertaker (gives funerals to the wounded creatures that didn’t make it)
~ Entomologist (must be able to tell children the names of the insects they bring home)
~ Exterminator (must be able to get rid of unwanted creatures in the home)
~ Secretary (keep home records, pay bills, etc.)
~ Hostess (be welcoming to all who come to your home – whether you’re ready or not)

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  1. I feel like my comment will be similar to the one that I left above. 🙂

    When I look through the list, I’m amazed that I do almost all of that. ( I don’t can anything and I can’t sew worth beans!)
    I think that as Mothers we just “DO” and don’t very often stop to think about all of the “hats” that indeed, we do wear.


  2. I’d also add the following, if I may be so bold.

    Funeral Assistant: We all know times where we have helped friends whose loved ones have passed–from making frozen casseroles to offering a shoulder on which to cry–and vice versa.

    Psychiatrist/Therapist: One word: teenagers. Even raised in the spirit of the Lord, it’s a difficult time

    Sherpa: 10 pounds of child, 100 pounds of ‘stuff’ Add the word ‘vacation’ and/or multiple children and you qualify as *two* sherpas

    Accountant: Our husbands may do the 10-40, but who keeps the receipts neat and tidy and separates the business expenses from the household?

    Baby nurse/nanny: The fun of a lovely new baby is not so fun for those mothers that have had their first darling, unfortunate complications, or the blessing of multiples. All of us know a little help goes a long, long way at this time. (Not to mention bringing home our own babes!)

    Police/Judge/Jury/Disciplinarian: If there’s more than two little ones and a ‘crime’ against the household rules occurs or a ‘mystery’ must be solved, a defendent represented, a punishment spoken over with Dad, and the final sentence carried out

    ‘Milk Maid’: Providing our babies with our own precious, special nutrition–it’s difficult and cannot be overlooked!

    Event Planner: Weddings, birthdays, anniversaries and the showers and parties that go along with them–fun, without doubt, but someone must polish the silverware or find just the right children’s entertainment cowboy!(And be the clean-up crew…)

    Physical Therapist: Tummy time!

    Banker: Doling out the childrens’ allowances and keeping track of ‘penny punishments,’ along with keeping the grocery bill and such as low as possible and solvent–hmm, don’t we wish our real banks did the same?!

    Emergency Handy-Woman: Sadly, plumbing and electrical emergencies and the like sometimes fail to wait until until the boss gets home

    Recreational Assistant: “If I hear “I’m bored” one more time…”

    Photographer: How many times have we lugged that camera along to capture those priceless moments?

    Geriatric specialist: Taking special care of the elderly in our families and our Church

    Librarian: Picking books appropriate for our childrens’ ages and abilities, not to mention our morals and sensibilities and interests (my daughter made me add that end one!)

    Driver: If you’ve ever had choir at 7:00 and t-ball at 7:20 on the opposite side of town, you deserve to wear this hat with an extra feather!

    Etiquette Coach: ‘Don’t chew with your mouth open,” “watch your drink, it’s close to the edge of the table,” “say please and thank you when you’re over at Mrs. Smith’s home…” You know what? We *are* broken records, indeed!

    Dog/Cat/What the ?? Groomer/Trainer: Remember when the children promised they’d care for the puppy if we’d just allow them to have the little scamp? Yeah, me too 😉

    Archivist: Those pictures from the lugged camera, newspaper articles, and awards have to be saved–well, once I get to it–hopefully before grandchildren

    Substitute Prayer Leader: When Daddy’s away, the mice still get their scriptures to study

    Tradition Keeper: Grandmum would be happy to know some of her Christmas and Easter rituals are still being kept for the next generations

    Chaperone: Whether they like it or not, I know what a young man and young woman are thinking–I was one once upon a time

    ‘Magician’: A mummy’s kiss can heal a boo-boo, straighten out sewing knots, and blow on CDs so they don’t skip–voila!

    Memory-maker: Why, so we have something to photograph, of course 😉 Oh, and watching our children explore God’s creation and themselves!

    We are so lucky that God gives such a beautiful career.

    (Thank you for letting us compile more of the list–I had help from my best friend and we had a good deal of fun with it.) God Bless!

    And you know? Every moment is so beautiful and so worth it!

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