Dusting Tips ~

•Begin up high: Start your dusting routine by working around the top half of your room, dusting features like crown moulding and light fixtures, then reach into corners to grab cobwebs.

•Clean the fan: If you have a ceiling fan in your space, be sure to dust the blades. When your fan rotates, it can scatter dirt and dust particles throughout the room.

•Divide your dusting: Clean large items like electronics, bookcases and mouldings at least once a month. For smaller everyday items and surfaces like shelves, coffee tables and mantles, dust every week.

•Pay attention to windows: Don’t forget to dust your window frames and sills, where lots of particles tend to build up.
Tip: Try to be conscious of how many windows you have open at a time. If you’re not nearby to enjoy the fresh breeze, consider closing the window to limit the entry of dirt and dust particles.

•Groom pets every few weeks: Brush your furry friends often with a proper grooming comb. Animals tend to shed, leaving behind a trail of dirt, dust and hair. By brushing away loose hairs on a bath towel or outside on the deck, you avoid a mess inside.

Change your air filters. This chore is one that a lot of us skip but if you do then you’re making more work for yourself. A good air filter in your heater and air conditioner will take care of dust for you so that you don’t have to.

PS. I use the feather duster one week and the spray dusting polish the second week. Then repeat, this saves a lot of time the week I and using the feather duster and it also saves money in buying dusting polish. Also I use the soft brush attachment on my vacuum cleaner once a month and get the lamp shades and furniture 🙂

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  1. Great tips!
    I don’t mind dusting actually but I never seem to do it nearly enough.
    Thanks for the reminders and tips!
    For sure I am doing the tops of my ceiling fans this weekend. 🙂


    • I know those ceiling fan dust bunnies are well hidden. haha !!
      Best Wishes on your cleaning day,

      Teresa ~

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