Time Management ~

Any woman who wants to be a successful homemaker has a busy schedule. She has more to do than she sometimes feels she can handle. But there are ways you can get more out of your time:

1. Do more than one thing at a time ~ multitasking.
2. Have a proper attitude toward time ~ value it.
3. Avoid frustrations ~ stay on schedule.
4. Consistently work at decreasing the amount of time you need to get a job done ~ find shortcuts.
5. Aways keep a pen and paper handy ~ take notes.
6. Avoid people who waste time ~ use answering machine.
7. Learn the purpose of sleep ~ not too much not too little.
8. Eat right ~ a hungry body can’t think.
9. Plan your relaxation ~ put it on the schedule.
10. Use waiting time wisely ~ take a good book or mending project.
11. Concentrate your time ~ make it count.
12. Do not live by impulse ~ brings about failures.
13. Use the early morning and late evening hours ~ while others are sleeping.
14. Do it right the first time ~ redoing it takes more time.
15. Plan ahead ~ last minute is nerve-racking.

If time be of all things the most precious, wasting time must be the greatest prodigality.
Benjamin Franklin

Time is money.
Benjamin Franklin

It is the working man who is the happy man. It is the idle man who is the miserable man.
Benjamin Franklin

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  1. Oh my! The only two that I have down is #1 and #15. This list reminds me why I am always in stress-mode. I have a toddler again after 15 years and boy has this thrown me off. Times have changed so much, and there are so many more distractions. My LO’s temperment has also dictated how my house has been running. She was a very needy and demanding baby and now that she is 2 she is starting to outgrow this and play more on her own, but not always. I have let the house suffer terribly since her birth and I am determined to get back on track. Thank you so much for your encouragement, and for reminding me where I need to keep my focus. Blessings!

  2. I just wanted to let you know just how much this site means to me. I have read today’s weekly digest of articles and really appreciate the wisdom and advice in every article.
    I’m a happily-married forty year old homemaking mother of four children, and feel that so many of these wonderful qualities you describe here on Practical Housewifery, are sadly becoming something that our grandmothers used to talk about.
    I would like to offer you my thanks and support for this site. I can relate to each article, and feel that even as a new subscriber, I’ve known you for years!

    • Fiona ~
      So good to hear from you!! I am 44 myself and happily married. But, I am still hungry for more truth on how to live a godly life before the Lord. I aggree with you that it seems that this generation has lost sight of the foundations that generations of the past just took for granted. I so much want to bring them back and instill them into our children….let’s be in prayer together !!!

      much love ~ Teresa ~

  3. Because of the consequence of #15 I am really trying very hard to be better at managing my time.
    I can’t stand being late for anything or feeling like I am trying to squeeze too much into too little time.

    Making lists has really worked well for me in the past and I am going to begin doing that again.

    As always, a wonderful and inspiring post. Loved the quotes at the bottom.
    Thanks so much!


    • Thanks Laura ~ I agree 🙂 list do make things run better and more effiently.

      Teresa ~

  4. I agree whole-heartedly with Fiona! I love my mother dearly, but I wasn’t talk about home-making when I was younger. I feel like as a 34 year old I’m playing catch-up. So I truly feel like Teresa and her blog are mentors to me. I just love all your practical home-ec. advice, along with the Godly wisdom that I receive when I read your posts.
    Thank You,

    • Thanks for your sweet kind words, Julianne!!!

      I feel the same way. My mother did the best job she knew to do and so am I. We just need to study and strive to excell in this work that the Lord has given us as mothers in the home.

      I think we ought to be reading books and study this field of work just like other professionals do for their line of work 🙂

      I am challenged, thank you !!
      Teresa ~

  5. I have just recently found your blog and I just love it!! I am using your articles to make a homemaker’s scrapbook for my daughters! We so enjoy reading and discussing them together. Your illustrations are just precious. Where do you find all these pictures? Thank you for your encouraging, uplifting and informative site. I can’t wait to read more. Blessings, Carrie

    • Carrie ~ I am flattered that I would be in your scrapebooking. What a wonderful idea !!! Hope your daughters are blessed for generations to come….

      Teresa ~

    • A homemaker’s scrapbook?! Wow, Please share your ideas. I’ve a five year old daughter,and she loves to “create”. This could be something we could do to gether.

  6. Teresa, You are such a mentor to me as well! Even though I am near your age (42!) I have a mother who did not place value on being a homemaker or mother. In fact, she is constantly letting me know I should get to work asap! Your blog helps me to stay strong in the face of this adversity.

    • Barbaranne~

      I think our mothers of that generation were not taught by the previous generation so we are the products of that. But, I know your heart is like mine and we do not want our daughters to say these things about us. We need to be teaching/mentoring mothers to our children…so that our grandchildren and their children will have a good solid foundation.

      I am so thankful for the woman that have invested in my life…most of them taught me through their books and written materials. I am hungry for a mentor with flesh on !!! We need to be modeling the Titus 2:3-5 ministry as older women. We can make a difference !!!

      May God empower us to do this great ministry!!!

      Teresa ~

  7. let’s be in prayer together !!! I’m joining since I totally agree with what Fiona mentioned.

    I have stated so many times to women…how does a ‘successful’ person go about their day? Would the president, or for us Canadians Prime Minister get up and think..’hmmm,,what are my plans for the day’..We need a game plan..we are ‘vice presidents, of our home,,,when it is all said and done,,we women set the barometer in our home..So many of us have heard,,’if mama ain’t happy, no one is happy’…Well I don’t think of it as ‘if I’m not getting my way, or if everyone would just follow along and do as I say’, than I won’t be so miserable (and I am definitely not saying I’ve NEVER thought that or said it,lol. blush blush)..I believe,,,my role is making my house a home for my family, loving them, nurturing them, running this home as if it was a full time job (which it is!!)…Sometimes I think..if I was working outside the home, would I be slack off, would I not be putting my best out there, meeting dead lines, etc.? Why not at home….

    I use a chore journal for most days…nothing fancy…tried one of those and than spent months making it up like I have seen others have..only to become totally stressed out and than never used it,,lol. So now I have a pretty journal, cut out from magazines pictures and words that inspire me..write the date, a scripture and than just proceed with what has to get done for the day!

    I’ve also made a little chore list at the back of the book to show what rooms need to be cleaned. I try to clean two rooms a day (counted how many rooms I had in the home and divided them by 6..Sunday is my day off)…

    Well I’ve rambled on long enough…this is one topic I could go on and on and on forever..I SO enjoy this..my girlfriend is the one that sent me your link and said I would enjoy spending some time here…


    • Angela ~

      Good ideas!!

      I have a 3 ring binder that I printed off years ago from http://www.flylady.com called a control journal. It is pretty thick now. It has everything in it. Meal planning, house chores, school schedules, school lunches, spring cleaning list, vacation packing list, etc…. I have a copy of all the house chore sheets that I have printed over the years. They are so good to make reference to on days that I am not focased and have lost direction in the house. My favorite part of the control journal is the “detailed” cleaning list for each room. Flylady has bullet point list for every room of the house that challenges me to get it “all” done.
      I printed out a cover sheet from her website and put it in the front of the binder and I also used my labeler and tagged the spine. I love that binder!!!! I lay it open on the kitchen counter and keep directing my kids to it for their chore list and it is better that them just thinking that I am barking out orders. They see it printed out and it seems more official, haha !!!

      Thanks for your comment. Glad you stopped by and visited with me today!!!

      God bless your home and family!

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