Breakfast Meal ~

The old saying is ” He got up on the wrong side of the bed”, probably means, in reality, that his breakfast was inadequate, a circumstance too frequent in many families. A good breakfast will provide the spark which makes one alert and cheerful throughout the day.

The challenge is to plan breakfasts that are tempting in flavor and aroma as well as adequate. Dull breakfasts are not enjoyed; every effort should be made to vary the foods in taste, texture, and color, and to serve them on an attractively set table.

Other factors in getting the day started well are the promptness with which breakfast is served and a pleasant social atmosphere while it is being eaten. Under these conditions breakfast becomes a delightful and valuable meal.

Breakfast should always begin with a nice prayer time thanking God for the new day. All family members should be present if they are not sleeping babies or sick children. Breakfast is a great way to start the day with a 5 minute devotion either before or after the meal.

Variety is the key:

1. Fruits
2. Cereals
3. Breads
4. Eggs
5. Breakfast meats
6. Smoothies and healthy shakes
7. Breakfast potatoes

Note: Breakfast foods are delicious served at dinner time as well 🙂

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  1. In truth, breakfast is probably our most disorganized meal of the day.
    I make sure that everyone eats but, we all seem to do it at our own time. Not so much during school days but to a certain degree, we still do.
    My husband and I are up early and we don’t sit together to eat breakfast. I’m usually standing up, grabbing bites whenever I’m not busy and he sits and listens to the radio or reads.
    In the summertime, it feels like I’m running a diner with everyone “ordering” whatever they feel like.

    I’m thinking that getting this meal to be more organized would be a good thing. 🙂
    Thanks for the great tips!


  2. I hope that you don’t mind. I put up a link to your blog on my latest blog entry. I also featured one of your recipes.
    I should have asked first I know! If you’re uncomfortable with the post, just let me know and I will delete it.


    • Sweet Laura ,

      Of course I do not mind at all if you link to me. I want my blog to be a blessing to as many people as it can possibly reach. May the Lord use it all for His glory !!!

      Hugs to you too !!
      Teresa ~

  3. This is exactly what we had for supper last night! Breakfast!! On the weekend we had quite a few people over and one of my eldest son’s (he is 21) friend was commenting about my monthly menu that I have posted on our fridge. “Is this what your mom cooks for you guys?”

    “I’m coming over for week two” was what he stated to my son,,lol. Tuesday: Breakfast!!

    • Love that !!! I think posting menu plans on the frig. is an excellent idea….I know when I have a written plan , things always go much smoother. Even if I have a plan and need to switch the days around that is okay. At least I can jump back on the plan the next day or too. Flexibility is the key !!!

      ~ Teresa

      • I made two one month menus..One for the Spring and Summer and the other for Fall and Winter. I ended up getting them both laminated so that if it gets dirty,,easy to wipe off..

        Your SO right about flexibility. There are days we don’t ‘follow’ the menu,,but it sure does come in handy more ways than none..I don’t have to keep thinking,’hmmm, what’s for supper’. Just look on the fridge.

        Have a blessed weekend.

      • Angela this is a great idea. I have a friend that does this. There is always something delicious to pick off her list 🙂

        Teresa ~

  4. Our family eats most meals together and I try to make it varied and interesting. I love to hear my boys and hubby say breakfast tastes nice. That’s the reason I keep doing it besides the fact that I love preparing food and making it attractive and tasty.

    • So glad to hear from you Jennifer!!! I am sure your precious family is blessed by what you are serving at the family table 🙂

      Teresa ~

  5. I’ll be back later to read your new posts. Just thought I’d tell you that the recipe that I took from here was linked up to the Pillsbury website (because of the crust). I saw on my stat counter that someone found me via the Pillsbury website and when I clicked on it, there we were! LOL!
    That Skillet Pot Pie is about to be famous! ;p


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