Table Setting ~

Have you planned a formal dinner at your place? You must be busy sorting out your best recipes to zero down on the perfect menu. However, when hosting a formal dinner, you should remember that setting the table properly for dinner is equally important. Let us have a look at the technique of setting a table in detail.

How to Set a Table
A properly set table looks very welcoming and inviting. You should remember that even modest dining set and cutlery can make a dinner table look attractive when arranged in an appropriate manner. The following are the things that are required on a formal or a semi casual dinner table.
•3 types of forks (salad, dinner, dessert or cake fork)
•3 types of spoons (tea, soup, dessert spoon)
•2 types of knives (dinner, bread knife)
•3 types of glasses (water, wine, liqueur glass)
•2 types of plates (dinner, bread and butter plate)
•Cup and saucer

How to Set a Table for a Formal Dinner
Before you begin setting the table for dinner, you should count the number of people and plan on the sitting arrangement. Once the number and the arrangement is counted, you should begin with the table setting. Here is the exact arrangement of the cutlery at a formal dinner.

•Start with the table cloth. A white damask is usually used for a formal dinner. The cloth should reach up to a foot or two above the ground.
•Place the dinner or the service plate 1-2 inch from the edge of the table.
•Now from the left, place the dessert fork on immediate left of the plate. Place the diner fork to the left of dessert fork and the salad fork to the extreme left.
•Now place the dinner knife to the right of the plate. Next to the knife, place the teaspoon and the soup spoon respectively.
•Soup bowl should be placed on the dinner plate.
•Place the bread and butter plate on the top left of the dinner plate. The bread knife can be placed over the bread plate or to the right of it.
•To the top right of the dinner plate, starting from left, place the water glass, the wine glass and the liqueur glass respectively.
•Lastly, the napkin can be folded and placed on the dinner plate, or on the left side of the salad fork or even at the top near the glasses.

When at a formal dinner, one needs to follow certain dinner rules and etiquettes. While eating, start using cutlery from extreme and work your way in. However, in case you are confused which cutlery to use for a particular dish, wait for a moment, look around the table; observe the host or other guests and follow suit.

Whether therefore ye eat, or drink, or whatsoever ye do, do all to the glory of God.
1 Corithians 10:31

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