Housework ~

Daily ~
Make beds, clean bathroom mirrors, wipe off the sink and toilet, empty the trashcan, and wipe the floor under the kitchen table after each meal.

Weekly ~
Wash all bed linens and bath towels, clean bathrooms, dust all furniture and all the items on the furniture, vacuum the carpet, mop floors, wipe off appliances, sweep garage, and sweep front porch.

Monthly ~

Dust pictures and other items on the wall, dust light fixtures, vacuum the basement, dust mini blinds throughout the house, dust baseboards and doors, wipe area around light switches, mop garage floor, hose out trash can in the garage, and vacuum under fridge.

Twice a Year ~
Clean under the washer and dryer, clean windows, vacuum vents, dust ceiling corners in each room, move larger furniture to vacuum, clean inside of oven, vacuum closet floors, and dust shelves in closets.

Schedule extra cleaning projects into weekly cleaning schedule
Schedule an extra cleaning day each month if needed.

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  1. This is a great schedule!
    Love, love, love your blog. I find it very encouraging. Thanks so much

    • Thank you so much Laura. So glad it is a blessing to you 🙂 Visit often.

  2. I have only just found your blog – and I have to tell you I spent all my quiet time this afternoon reading the archives!!!

    How wonderful to read such encouragement for those of us at home. I have been a SAHM for almost 18 years and I love to learn more each day!


    • Thanks for the sweet comment Barbaranne. I love your name btw! You are free to hang out here anytime 🙂

      Teresa ~

  3. Teresa I just found your blog about a week ago through another blog that I read and I just love it. I am loving how you address women being at home taking care of their family and serving God. I can just stay here all day and just read but I know that I have to be the keeper of my home and get some things done around here but reading your blog teaches me to do my housework with a joyful spirit and you know what I love having a husband, children , and a home to take care of. I just give birth to a new baby girl June 11 and she along with my older too daughters I will be incorporating the Raising Daughters of Virtue. Thank you for your wonderful insight and Godly visions.

    • Sweet DeNiece ~

      Your kind words made my day. I love blogging. But, I am like you my first calling is my family and home. But, let’s visit as often as we can together. Bless your sweet girls!!!

      God keep you !!
      Teresa ~

  4. I found your blog from another blog. I love the encouragement you give home-makers.I have been a stay-at-home mom for most of my married life (34yrs) and I would’nt want it any other way..Thank-you for taking the time out of your day to bless us.

    • Thank you Linda for your sweet words !!!

      Teresa ~

  5. I wish the vacuuming was once a week at my home! It is daily due to a shedding dog lol.

    Thank you for sharing, I am really enjoying your blog

    • Oh my that would be very taxing to me. I have a back door that gets a lot of grass coming in, but thankfully it is ceramic tile and I can dust mop it a couple times a day 🙂 the grass never gets to the carpets,

      Teresa ~

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