Clean refrigerators~

This should be an area of great diligence for the woman of the house. We visit there many times a day. Others also visit many times a day. Have you ever seen a frig that needs a deep cleaning/ We own over a dozen rental houses and I am overwhelmed every time a tenant moves out and I have to clean them up. The stoves and refrigerators would make you scream!!! My thoughts are “how in the world did this family live with this filth” I want to encourage you today to open your ice box and take a critical look, Look deep. Look long!! Well, would Mr. Clean be embarrassed? The refrigerator needs to be on your weekly chore list of responsibilities. Remember this is a good one to assign the children. Good training.

Here is some tips from my book: The Caring Woman, a guide to Housekeeping by Sophie M. Sousoulas. This book is out of print but can be bought on Amazon or ebay. It is good resource book and has beautiful Victorian pics throughout. Only 56 pages and makes a great bridal gift 🙂 Very practical teaching.
Teresa ~

Clean the refrigerator regularly( once a week). Throw out old food.
A hot solution of baking soda and water clean and deodorizers well.
Remove all removable parts such as trays, racks, and bins, and wash in the sink.
Don’t forget to clean the top of the refrigerator.
Clean and polish exterior.

detach the metal plate at the base of the refrigerator and clean the dust that accumulates on the coils. The coils should be cleaned every three to four months.

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  1. Thank you for that reminder. My refrigerator needs attention.:)


    • Rosemi,

      I know you can do it!! I cleaned mine good yesterday. After that post I had to take a second look!!

      Teresa ~

  2. I enjoy cleaning my refrigerator- but have never cleaned the coils. Thank you for the tip! I’ve just discovered your blog (via A Wise Woman Builds Her Home) and am looking forward to visiting again. God Bless!

    • Thanks for your comment. I know the coils are out of sight out of mind, huh??

      🙂 Teresa

  3. I’ve tried moving my fridge to clean my coils before, but apparently my fridge model has a big sheet of metal on the back-covering the coils so I can’t clean them. I hope it works really well to keep the dust out, LOL!

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