Organized vehicle~

If I have one thing that bugs me it is a trashy dirty vehicle. I believe that the condition our car is in says something about our person. Have you ever parked in a parking lot and looked over in the seats of the vehicle next to you and said ” What slobs” !!!! So much trash strolled you wonder how they even ride in it. I probably smells like stale hamburger onions a week old, haha !!!

But, ladies with all the other household chores to perform how on earth do we prioritize keeping the car or van clean? Simple, it has to matter to you!!! You are the one that controls this area of training in you and your children’s lives. Treat the car just like another room in the house. Put it on the to do list of chores for the week. Assign a child to it. Rotate if you have several children old enough to do a good job with it. Train them to clean their space when getting out of the car. The vehicle needs to be washed once a week, regardless!!! Drive through a 3 minute car wash or make it a family chore on the weekend, the key is to GET IT DONE. Put it on the calendar.

You will feel so much better driving around in an orderly well kept clean vehicle. The children will be trained to keep their clean as well. And those nosey folks peeking over into your floorboards will have nothing evil to say about you except ” boy I need to go home and get my vehicle in order” .

Here’s to you and your clean orderly ride !!! You CAN do it !!! Make it matter.

~ Teresa


~ Keep a crate or box in the trunk for ERRANDS — items to return to the store, dry cleaning to drop off, library books to take back, etc.
~ If you like to take care of “to-do’s” in the car carry a portable SUPPLY with you — pens, stapler, paper clips — whatever you need to do work on the road.
~ Keep the paperwork in your glove COMPARTMENT organized with a labeled expanding file — “maintenance, ” “registration,” “insurance.”
~ Take a minute each day to CLEAN your car out after a long day — toss out the trash and take important items in the house or office.
~If you carry any equipment or supplies back and forth to the car, put your “stuff” in a plastic portable CRATE with handles and a lid.
~You can keep your car a great deal neater just by keeping a small TRASH can in the floor of the back seat.
~ If you use your car for work, consider the many mobile OFFICE products that are available to help you be efficient in your vehicle.
~ Keep a road EMERGENCY kit in the car — blanket, flares, flashlight, jumper cables, jack, oil, ice scraper, etc.
~ Keep hand sanitizer in pocket behind seat.
~ An umbrella is always handy to keep in the car.

PS. Don’t forget you paddle or rod of correction, it never fails that you WILL need it while you’re gone. It is better to find a private place and use it while your gone than to forget to punish when you get back home. Also they act better knowing you have your “road side assistance” nearby 🙂

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  1. Thank you for this article!!! I agree with you!

    I am the founder of a quilt ministry that makes quilts for sick, abused, neglected and/or abandoned children. We receive donations of cotton fabric and cotton batting from generous folks and my comments are not to belittle anyone, just truth.

    On several occassions I was very hesitant to accept fabric by the looks of the inside of the car. I was horrified at what I saw and smelled. Stale hamburger smell would of been a prize compared to what I’ve smelled. The car seats covered and stained with spilt drinks. All sorts of food in the seats. And the floor?….what was alive, crawling under all that trash and junk? It truly horrified me. Not to mention the obnoxious smell of nasty cigaretee smoke….UGH!!!

    One poor soul told me “it is the only only way to keep my grandchild satisfied”… by giving food in the car. WHAT??? Whose in charge? And than no one cleans up the spoiled childs mess? Oh my what nasty stuff I’ve seen.

    My husband and I rarely eat in the car, we generally pull over somewhere to eat.

    It’s truly terrible how some folks live. Not at all normal. Imagine what their home looks like? NO thanks!

    Truly I am always grateful for donations, but I just wonder why people choose to live like pigs? UGH!!!

  2. Like it! I’m looking forward to more from this blog.

  3. I have to tell you. I read this post about a week ago and I’ve totally stepped up my diligence in keeping our vehicle cleaner.
    I’m guilty of letting the kids eat/drink in the van and at this time of the year, (soccer season), we are always on the road. Somedays, my van looks more like a change room than a vehicle.
    However, I’m turning over a new leaf. I know that instead of cleaning it out just every couple of weeks, I need to be in there almost everyday. (at this time of the year anyways.


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