Orderly closets~


~ If you haven’t worn it in the last 12 (or so) MONTHS, it doesn’t fit, it’s out of style, or you don’t feel good about yourself when you wear it — get rid of it!
~ Store your clothes according to SEASON — you can keep your “off-season” in a different part of the house if you run short on space.
~ You can organize your CLOTHING according to purpose (formal, casual), type (shirts, pants), style (short sleeve, long sleeve), and color (light to dark).
~ Separate out CATEGORIES of clothing — men’s / women’s, pants / shirts — by assigning each section to a different part of the closet or with rod divider discs.
~ Keep several BASKETS in your closet for laundry, dry-cleaning, and mending — hang up nothing that isn’t currently wearable.
~ You can HANG just about anything from hooks or racks attached to your closet walls — purses, belts, ties, tote bags — even jewelry.
~ Store your shoes on a RACK — either on the floor of the closet or the back of the door — to keep them protected, aired out, and visible.
~ If you have a lot of FOLDING clothes, install some open shelves, bins, or a drawer system in your closet for easy access

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