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Wisdom for Mothers
January 30, 2010 | By In Bygone Days, Family |
From The Ladies’ Home Journal, February, 1905
By Gabrielle E. Jackson

Editor’s Note: These are 105 years old, but amazingly still apply today! I hope you enjoy reading these as much as I did. If you are a mother, there is so much wisdom here for you.

1. Don’t fail to suppress ill-tempered rebellion in young children. Conquer with patience and firmness at the very outset if you are in the right, or look for greater trouble later.

2. Don’t use bribes to gain your end. You insult your child unless you teach him obedience for his own good and make him realize this.

3. Don’t allow lax government to reach the point when nothing short of corporal punishment will enforce obedience. Avoid that as you would the plague. It can be easily avoided by a wise beginning.

4. Don’t shrink from your child’s demonstrations of affection. Better twenty rumpled gowns that one bruised heart.

5. Don’t fail to begin early to establish orderly habits. They save endless trouble later.

6. Don’t fail to insist upon good table manners. They are so easily taught and promptly acquired.

7. Don’t make a promise unless you are sure you can fulfill it. Should some untoward reason prevent you from doing so, apologize to your child as courteously as you would wish him to apologize to you. Like begets like.

8. Don’t give your children a chance to question your absolute justice. Children have long memories.

9. Don’t deceive your children when a dentist or a physician is required. Tell them the truth and give them your moral support.

10. Don’t tolerate “whining” or “tale-bearing.”

11. Don’t fail to instill honor and truthfulness. To “face the music” often requires courage, but it pays.

12. Don’t fail to teach kindness to animals.

13. Don’t scoff at the tribulations of little people. They suffer very keenly.

14. Don’t forget that when the ten-year milestone is reached, the personal equation between mother and child should be very nearly perfect.

15. Don’t forget that school life opens up a new world. Fit your child to enter it morally as well as mentally.

16. Don’t send your children to the first school which comes handy. Remember that much depends upon this daily association.

17. Don’t fail to invite your children’s confidence. Live so close to their hearts that all sense of years is obliterated.

18. Don’t criticize first and inquire after. That wound is hard to heal.

19. Don’t fail to rejoice over every triumph of school life.

20. Don’t shrink from the creature who is liable to be all legs and arms. Don’t forget that, even though he conceals it well, he is sensitive. He is in a chrysalis state, and you may presently find that you have an object of beauty before you.

21. Don’t place yourself in a position to have your children say, “You would not dare to speak to me in this way if I were older!”

22. Don’t lavish gifts upon your children as a compensation for your own shortcomings. Some parents seem to feel that a five-dollar bill is a salve for all wounds.

23. Don’t fail to be present at all school functions in which your children are interested. If you only knew what your presence means!

24. Don’t permit your children to grow up with lax ideas upon money matters, no matter what your position in life may be. They can learn at an early age to take proper care of money, and a stated allowance each week helps wonderfully.

25. Don’t reproach your daughter for her natural girlish love for pretty things. Flowers turn toward the sun and are glorified by it. Show her the difference, however, between vanity and good taste.

26. Don’t forget how the world looked to you when you were fifteen.

27. Don’t force your children into certain pursuits. Find out those for which they are best adapted. A scientist cannot make a sculptor.

28. Don’t weep when your son or daughter meets “the one.” Remember that “I, in my girls will again be wooed, and go a-courting with my boys.”

29. Don’t fail to drop the “in-law” from the mother when the new wife or husband comes into the home. Make it “my son” or “my daughter.”

30. Don’t countermand your daughter’s or your son’s commands to their children. Such interference confuses and demoralizes children. Don’t fail to accept graciously the honor now offered you. “Grandma can outshine all other beings if she be wise.”

31. Don’t forget that you are never any older than you feel at heart. The mere name of “Grandmother” cannot add to your years.

32. Don’t forget so to live that your memory will be the tenderest and holiest upon earth to your children.

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  1. Thank you for posting this! I think these can all apply in todays world and I am so glad that you posted them. We all need a gentle reminder sometimes.

  2. I just found your blog through “A wise woman builds her home”. I’m so glad I came across yours, I just love this list, I think I need to type it up and post it where I can look at it often!
    You can be sure that I will be visiting your lovely blog quite frequently!

    • Look forward to hearing from you again.

      Glad you enjoyed your visit 🙂

      ~ Teresa

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