Honoring Husbands ~

I wanted to share some practical ways we can honor our husbands and strengthen our marriages:

~ Tell your husband that you believe in him!
~ Don’t point out his mistakes, just fill in the gap.
~ Ask God to show you ways to serve your husband.
~ Don’t ever say “I told you so.”
~ Say “I’m sorry” and mean it when you dishonor him.
~ Say “I forgive you” and mean it when he dishonors or hurts you.
~ Tell your husband that you thank God for giving him to you
~ Let him overhear you telling someone something you appreciate about him.
~ Support and encourage his decisions.
~ Praise him when his decisions turn out well and encourage him when they don’t.
~ Tell you husband each day about one thing you are thankful for – about his character, his work ethic, his provision, his humor or something his adds to your family.
* Pray for your husband every day.

Several of these ideas came from the book, “What a Husband Needs from His Wife.”

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