Womanly Ways ~

This was so thought provoking when I read it, I had to write it down in my personal notebook. I am currently reading “Beautiful Girlhood’ by Mabel Hale and it is so wonderful, I highly recommend it to all older girls and ladies. Here is a sampling from some of my notetaking this week. Be encouraged to raise the mark a little higher…I know I was.


~ Womanly Ways ~
1. Earnest
2. Sincere
3. Gentle
4. Kind words for others
5. Womanly clothing choices
5. Beautiful character
6. Home loving
7. Sympathetic
8. True hearted
9. Lover of children
10. Tender hearted
11. Christian in every area
12. Noble
13. Pure in thoughts
14. Master planner
15. Good housewife

Aim high..Have high Ideals !!!!
Your children and their children will always talk about the kind of mother you are and were. Let them have only wonderful fond memories in their minds ~

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  1. Are you seriously trying to MAKE me print out your whole blog to hang on my fridge????
    Where have you been all of my life???? 😀


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