Disorderliness ~

There is a special sense of fulfillment when a woman conquers disorder and gives functional purpose to her areas of responsibility, because this is what God did at Creation when He brough light and order out of darkness.

Satan’s primary objective is to violate God’s original Creation design in every area of our lives – resulting in confusion, perversion, and destruction.

Definition of Order = Bringing everything within my jurisdiction into conformity with the purposes for which it was created.

“Let all things be done decently and in order” 1 Corinthians 14:40
“Order my steps in thy word…” Psalms 119:133

Orderliness is maintained by developing the habit of not letting an item out of your hand until you return it to its rightful place. This practice eliminates the double effort of picking it up later and returning it to its place. This takes much diligence and practice to perfect this habit.

God is a God of order. his orderliness is seen in every area of His creation. There is order to the stars, the seasons, the plants and animals, and the intricately fashioned systems of our bodies.

Orderliness will increase efficiency and productivity. Cleanliness, punctuality, and priorities are all applications of orderliness.

As keepers of the home, it is our job and responsibility to maintain order in the home. Many wives/mothers were never properly trained and struggle in this area. But, there are many teachers that can show you how. Study books and read or ask a dear friend to help you. Hire professional help if you can afford it. Barter services for organizational help from time to time.

Once things are put in order it is hard to keep them that way. You have to become a police dog over your orderliness or it will fall back into disorderliness over night. But, be determined and diligent and you can obtain it.

Make your children be responsible for their belongings. As soon as you notice an item out of place call the child to it and follow through with making them put it away correctly. This is an appropriate cause for judgement to fall if this is not done cheerfully and correctly. Training in your job..but picking up “their ‘ things is their job.

~Teresa’s Tips:
Don’t own more than you can manage.
Number how many pieces of clothing each person has, and stick to that number.
One bag in …one bag out. Donate weekly a small bag.
Children do not need many toys.
Find a needy family to bless. Give cheerfully !!!
How many ________ do I really need ?
How many ________ did I use this week, month ?
Time to clean out and be free of this heavy burden.
Keep purging / thinning out until you are totally satisfied.

Jesus said ” learn of me…my yoke is easy..and my burden is “LIGHT”

~ Cheers !!!! Here’s to an orderly home !!

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