Daughters @ home~

My daughter and I are currently reading through “Beautiful Girlhood” by Mabel Hale. Oh it is a must read!!! It is so convicting to me as a grown woman. I am currently on chapter 14 and there are I think 32 chapters in the book. I highly recommend it for you and your daughter to read…. be prepared to be challenged and sharpened.

Sincerely yours~

PS.Here is a little sampling for you to enjoy.

Beautiful Girlhood ~

The younger daughter in the home has it in her power to make home a sweet, comfortable place to live, where laughter and sunshine will cheer the cloudiest day; or she may turn all its pleasures to bitterness and bring sorrow and heartache. If she can submit to her parents’ control, can be obedient, kind, and thoughtful, she is a constant comfort; but if she is always contending and arguing, speaking up in a saucy manner when she is crossed, or scolding and quarreling with the younger children, she makes home almost unbearable. If she has a separate set of manners for her own people from what she uses when with company, she is a constant disappointment. I never like the blank look that a mother’s face takes when someone commends the gentle kindness of a daughter of this type. She does not wish to lower her daughter in her friend’s estimation, nor can she heartily agree as to her daughter’s kindness.

A girl should have her full share of responsibility in the home. She should go about her work willingly, not as if it were an irksome duty which she was ill-disposed to perform. She should count herself one of the family, one of the children, having only equal rights and privileges with the rest.

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  1. Yes, I hope I can be successful to teach my three girls to be cheerful home keepers.

  2. How lovely to discover a kindred mother! I love this book and just posted a gem from chapter 17 here,
    Blessings, Nadene

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