Patio Gardening ~

Well have you been busy planting? I have been busy as a bee 🙂 So far I have tomatoes, bell peppers (green and red), squash, green beans, onions, strawberries, cherry tomatoes, and cucumbers plus dozens of flowers !!! This year I am trying something new:-) since the chickens love the back yard I have been forced to get the garden off the ground….I am trying something I saw in a magazine. It is called container patio gardening. So all my garden plants are in 3 gallon stainless steel buckets. I took a large nail and put several drainage holes in the bottom, then i added pea gravel, then organic potting soil, then my plants or seeds. * They are all up high so the chickens don’t take a dirt bathe in the pots, haha !!

So far so good. Everything is thriving. I want to encourage you to try your thumb and gardening even if it is only a few tomato plants. It is very rewarding!! Beware it can become addicting 🙂

Happy Gardening !!!


Here is a little info on patio “container” gardening ~

Patio Gardening

You don’t need a backyard, anyone can make a simple and beautiful patio garden. The fragrance and color of container gardens are a fantastic addition to any space. Container gardening may be the only option for those who live in apartments but any size terrace, balcony, deck or patio can be transformed into a fantastically cozy garden. Multiple containers can transform a space and provide great privacy but even a single potted plant or two can be a welcome addition for smaller spaces. Almost all vegetables and flowers grow well in containers and apartment owners may be surprised to learn they can grow their own fresh herbs or vegetables in a very small space. Larger plants like corn or fruit trees are obviously not an option for an apartment balcony. With a little planning you can have a lovely container garden year-round. Take advantage of the ease of container gardening and replace flowers that have finished blooming for example replace your spring bulbs with summer blooming annuals, which are then replace with chrysanthemums in the fall and evergreens over the winter. Pots of flowers make a fantastic touch for indoor decorating and while they typically don’t get enough sunlight indoors, with a container garden you can easily rotate them inside for a few days.

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