Jewel of Gold~

” As a jewel of gold in a swine’s snout, so is a fair woman which is without discretion”.

~ Book of Proverbs 11:22

Discreet means =
~ prudent, wise in avoiding errors or evil, and in selecting the best means to accomplish a purpose.
~ cautious
~ not rash

taken from Webster’s 1828 Dictionary

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Disorderliness ~

There is a special sense of fulfillment when a woman conquers disorder and gives functional purpose to her areas of responsibility, because this is what God did at Creation when He brough light and order out of darkness.

Satan’s primary objective is to violate God’s original Creation design in every area of our lives – resulting in confusion, perversion, and destruction.

Definition of Order = Bringing everything within my jurisdiction into conformity with the purposes for which it was created.

“Let all things be done decently and in order” 1 Corinthians 14:40
“Order my steps in thy word…” Psalms 119:133

Orderliness is maintained by developing the habit of not letting an item out of your hand until you return it to its rightful place. This practice eliminates the double effort of picking it up later and returning it to its place. This takes much diligence and practice to perfect this habit.

God is a God of order. his orderliness is seen in every area of His creation. There is order to the stars, the seasons, the plants and animals, and the intricately fashioned systems of our bodies.

Orderliness will increase efficiency and productivity. Cleanliness, punctuality, and priorities are all applications of orderliness.

As keepers of the home, it is our job and responsibility to maintain order in the home. Many wives/mothers were never properly trained and struggle in this area. But, there are many teachers that can show you how. Study books and read or ask a dear friend to help you. Hire professional help if you can afford it. Barter services for organizational help from time to time.

Once things are put in order it is hard to keep them that way. You have to become a police dog over your orderliness or it will fall back into disorderliness over night. But, be determined and diligent and you can obtain it.

Make your children be responsible for their belongings. As soon as you notice an item out of place call the child to it and follow through with making them put it away correctly. This is an appropriate cause for judgement to fall if this is not done cheerfully and correctly. Training in your job..but picking up “their ‘ things is their job.

~Teresa’s Tips:
Don’t own more than you can manage.
Number how many pieces of clothing each person has, and stick to that number.
One bag in …one bag out. Donate weekly a small bag.
Children do not need many toys.
Find a needy family to bless. Give cheerfully !!!
How many ________ do I really need ?
How many ________ did I use this week, month ?
Time to clean out and be free of this heavy burden.
Keep purging / thinning out until you are totally satisfied.

Jesus said ” learn of me…my yoke is easy..and my burden is “LIGHT”

~ Cheers !!!! Here’s to an orderly home !!

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Womanly Ways ~

This was so thought provoking when I read it, I had to write it down in my personal notebook. I am currently reading “Beautiful Girlhood’ by Mabel Hale and it is so wonderful, I highly recommend it to all older girls and ladies. Here is a sampling from some of my notetaking this week. Be encouraged to raise the mark a little higher…I know I was.


~ Womanly Ways ~
1. Earnest
2. Sincere
3. Gentle
4. Kind words for others
5. Womanly clothing choices
5. Beautiful character
6. Home loving
7. Sympathetic
8. True hearted
9. Lover of children
10. Tender hearted
11. Christian in every area
12. Noble
13. Pure in thoughts
14. Master planner
15. Good housewife

Aim high..Have high Ideals !!!!
Your children and their children will always talk about the kind of mother you are and were. Let them have only wonderful fond memories in their minds ~

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Cooking w/chicken ~

Tips for Cooking Chicken

What’s not to love about chicken? It’s versatile, inexpensive, and a great source of protein. But raw chicken requires some special care in the kitchen.
Keep It Cold
Store raw chicken in the coldest part of your refrigerator and use it within two days.
Never leave raw or frozen chicken at room temperature, which encourages the growth of bacteria like Salmonella and Listeria.
Freeze any chicken that won’t be used right away. You can freeze it in its store packaging, but if you plan on storing it for longer than two months, unwrap the chicken and rewrap it in heavy duty aluminum foil and a plastic freezer bag. Chicken can be frozen as long as one year without sacrificing quality.

Thawing Chicken
Thaw frozen chicken slowly and safely. It will take anywhere from 24 hours to two days to thaw a whole chicken in the refrigerator, and about 2 to 9 hours for cut-up chicken parts (less for boneless pieces). You can thaw chicken more quickly in a cold water bath or by using the defrost cycle of the microwave. But never thaw frozen chicken by leaving it out at room temperature.

Keep It Clean
Rinse chicken with cold water, inside and out, and pat dry with paper towels before preparing. To prevent cross-contamination, thoroughly clean all surfaces, utensils, cutting boards, knives, and hands with hot soapy water after handling raw poultry. Keep a separate cutting board specifically for working with chicken.

Get It Done
The only way to tell if chicken is cooked properly is to use a meat thermometer–seeing if the juices run clear is not a reliable indicator of doneness. To test the internal temperature of a whole chicken, insert the thermometer into the thigh, taking care not to touch the bone. Chicken should reach 165 degrees F (75 degrees C).
The meat will continue to cook once removed from the heat. So if the temperature is a few degrees below the target–keep the thermometer in place for a moment; the temperature might climb to a safe heat.

~Chicken Cooking Basics
By: Allrecipes Staff

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Accomplished Girls ~

An Accomplished Girl

“She looketh well to the ways of her household, and eateth not the bread of idleness.”* (Proverbs 31:27)

I read in the society column of a paper the praises of somebody’s daughter in which she was referred to as an accomplished young woman, and the reason given for calling her by this high-sounding term lay in the fact that she could sing well, spoke three languages, was active in social work, etc. I could but smile as I read; for from my point of view these are not the accomplishments a girl needs the most. Such things are good in their place, and if girl can gain them she is fortunate; but the best accomplishments are in the reach of every energetic, enterprising girl.

First of all a girl should know how to keep house. She should not only know how a room should look after it is put in order, but she should by actually doing it know the work necessary in bringing that condition about. She should know how to make beds, sweep and dust, and other hard work necessary to keeping a house in order. It should not be below her dignity to know the use of the scrub brush and mop. Though she may not do the work regularly, she should know how and be able to fill the place when necessary.

The girl should be able to cook good, nourishing meals. It is not enough that she can make fudge and salad and cake. She should be able to cook vegetables and meats in an appetizing manner.

The girl should be able to launder her own clothes, and do it well. The steam will not ruin her complexion, nor will her hands be spoiled by the process. And she will have a great deal more sympathy for the one whose life is made up of hard work if she occasionally feels the backache that comes from this kind of labor.

Our girl should know how to sew, and to mend. It takes time and patience to learn these things, but it pays in the long run. There are few girls who have never come to a time when these things were necessary.

The girl may plead that she does not need to do this kind of work, that her father is able to hire it all done. That may be true; but it is also true that many girls who began life in just such an easy way have come to circumstances where help could not be hired. I shall never forget the discomfiture of one dear girl who had become quite accomplished on other lines, but had not learned these homely arts, and did not begin to learn them until she had two small children to care for. Small help her music and other accomplishments were then. She needed just the things we have been talking about now.

Our accomplished girl should know how to take care of her own body, keeping it clean and in a healthy condition. All her learning will be of little service if she is sickly and weak.

Our girl should learn some useful way of wage-earning, so that in case of necessity she will be able to make her own way. Such things happen in life, when the strongest bars are taken away and the girl all sheltered from danger and hardship is pushed out by the hand of fate, and if she is not able to do something that will bring her a livelihood her lot is a sad one.

And every girl should have a education in business, or at least an understanding of common business methods. Many are the women who face the world in terror because they must do business and have no idea of how it is done.

These things I have been talking about constitute, it seems to me, a real foundation for true accomplishments, and all that a girl can learn over and above these is that much to her praise and credit. She should know how to entertain. According to her place in life she should be able to be hostess to her friends and those who come within her gates, and do it with ease and grace.

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Daughters @ home~

My daughter and I are currently reading through “Beautiful Girlhood” by Mabel Hale. Oh it is a must read!!! It is so convicting to me as a grown woman. I am currently on chapter 14 and there are I think 32 chapters in the book. I highly recommend it for you and your daughter to read…. be prepared to be challenged and sharpened.

Sincerely yours~

PS.Here is a little sampling for you to enjoy.

Beautiful Girlhood ~

The younger daughter in the home has it in her power to make home a sweet, comfortable place to live, where laughter and sunshine will cheer the cloudiest day; or she may turn all its pleasures to bitterness and bring sorrow and heartache. If she can submit to her parents’ control, can be obedient, kind, and thoughtful, she is a constant comfort; but if she is always contending and arguing, speaking up in a saucy manner when she is crossed, or scolding and quarreling with the younger children, she makes home almost unbearable. If she has a separate set of manners for her own people from what she uses when with company, she is a constant disappointment. I never like the blank look that a mother’s face takes when someone commends the gentle kindness of a daughter of this type. She does not wish to lower her daughter in her friend’s estimation, nor can she heartily agree as to her daughter’s kindness.

A girl should have her full share of responsibility in the home. She should go about her work willingly, not as if it were an irksome duty which she was ill-disposed to perform. She should count herself one of the family, one of the children, having only equal rights and privileges with the rest.

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Bedtime for children ~

Putting children to bed

Bedtime can be the worst time of the day for many families. So many kids are resistant to the idea of going to bed that an ugly battle can ensue. Parents become frustrated and give in to children’s protests; allowing them to stay up late or sleep in their parent’s bed or room. Children need to be eased into restful sleep and too many parents are reluctant to take the time necessary to transition their child from day to night.

I like to follow the “B”s of a bedtime ritual. Read on and you’ll see where I’m going with this. Following is our nighttime routine:

~Bath – Bath time is one my kids’ favorite times of the day. I fill the tub with warm water, bubbles, and safe toys. I don’t rush them in and out and they sit playing happily until they are ready to get out of the tub. They think this is playtime but I know that the warm water and lavender-scented bubbles are relaxing them and preparing their minds and bodies for slumber.

~Brush teeth – This is the next step in our bedtime ritual. It’s important to help small children do a good job on teeth-brushing and to make sure they don’t swallow the toothpaste. I like to lecture them about good dental health while they’re brushing and teach them what can happen if plaque and tarter build up and erode their teeth. I also prefer to be in control of the tube of toothpaste because if I give control to my six-year-old, my counter ends up coated in pink goo. Make sure they floss and rinse!

~Bed – This is tuck-in time. There are so many ways to make your child’s room comfortable and conducive to good sleep. Soft sheets, a season-appropriate comforter, and a perfectly fluffed pillow make for a comfy nest. And don’t forget temperature and lighting control. Babies need to be put on their backs on a firm mattress with no soft or fluffy bedding or toys in the crib. Make kids’ rooms a sanctuary where they feel safe, secure, and happy to be at nighttime.

~Book – Reading a book or two to your children is one of the most beneficial things you can do for them. Not only do they learn the cadence and vocabulary of their native language, but they also get to chalk up quality snuggle time with Mom or Dad. Some of my best childhood memories are of my Dad reading bedtime stories to us. Make an effort to read at least one book on most nights of the week to your children…and no skipping pages!

~Bear – Lots of children like to sleep with a “lovey” or stuffed animal of some kind. I happen to like teddy bears. I mean I did when I was a kid…okay, I still love teddy bears though I no longer need to snuggle with one to sleep. Some kids have no attachment to an inanimate object, but for those who do, having their lovey in bed with them can make nighttime feel more secure. For babies, loveys and stuffed animals in the crib is a no-no.

~Ballad – Call it what you will: a ballad, a lullaby, or a ditty. Kids love to hear people sing. I sing my kids the same five songs every night, and not very well either. They think I have a beautiful singing voice and love to hear me lull them to la la land. You don’t have to sing five songs, and like me, you don’t have to sing well, but experiment with different sweet tunes to see which ones your kids enjoy.

Here are the “B”s of bedtime you’ll want to avoid:Battles – Nobody wants to go to bed angry and feeling bad about themselves. Even if things go a little rough some nights, try to stay calm and use a quiet voice when redirecting your kids back to the bedtime routine.

~Bawling – Don’t force the issue when it comes to the bedtime routine if your child is having an off-night. Sometimes a snuggle on the couch in a darkened room is enough to help your kid get it together and ready to get back to the routine.

~Ballyhoo – No parent enjoys trying to settle down a bunch of hyped-up kids. Avoid, at all costs, allowing your children to consume sugar, caffeine (which they have no business having anyway), or other behavior modifying foods or beverages before bed. It might be my imagination, but any time my oldest daughter eats or drinks anything with red dye, she goes nuts. While it’s entertaining to watch her be a goof ball, it doesn’t make for easy settling at the end of the day. You’ll also want to avoid stimulating activities such as television, video games, wrestling, and the like, that put the kids into overdrive.

~Berating – If your kids are goofing off and you are in a bad mood and nothing seems to be going right, avoid losing your temper with your children. Just because you want them to get settled so you can have time to yourself doesn’t mean you should chew out the kids. Keep your head in the game and push on with the routine in a calm, respectful manner.

Someday your kids will understand the value of bedtime and the benefits of a great night of sleep. If they only knew how much most adults look forward to hitting the sack every day! Enforce the bedtime routine and set the standard for a lifetime of good rest for your children.

written by~
Lauren Connelly

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A Godly woman~

Portrait of a Godly Woman

For thousands of years, God-fearing women have looked to the noble, or virtuous (KJV), woman of Proverbs 31 as their ideal. Mary, the mother of Jesus Christ, probably had this role model of the virtuous woman in the forefront of her mind from earliest childhood. Most Jewish women did, for this poem was traditionally recited in the Jewish home every week on the eve of the Sabbath.

But what about today’s woman? Of what value can this ancient poem be to the diverse, complex life-styles of women today? To the married, to the single, to the young, to the old, to those working outside the home or inside the home, to those women with children or without children? It is more relevant than you might at first expect — although it is also too good to be true.

When we examine this ancient biblical ideal of womanhood, we do not find the stereotyped housewife occupied with dirty dishes and laundry, her daily life dictated by the demands of her husband and her children. Nor do we find a hardened, overly ambitious career woman who leaves her family to fend for itself.

What we find is a strong, dignified, multitalented, caring woman who is an individual in her own right. This woman has money to invest, servants to look after and real estate to manage. She is her husband’s partner, and she is completely trusted with the responsibility for their lands, property and goods.

She has the business skills to buy and sell in the market, along with the heartfelt sensitivity and compassion to care for and fulfill the needs of people who are less fortunate. Cheerfully and energetically she tackles the challenges each day brings. Her husband and children love and respect her for her kind, generous and caring nature.

But with all her responsibilities, first and foremost, she looks to God. Her primary concern is God’s will in her life. She is a woman after God’s own heart. Let’s examine the characteristics of this remarkable woman — a role model for Christian women today.

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Summer Activities ~

Summertime is Fun-time

Summer vacation is only a few days away and we are faced with the question of what to do with all that time. Or more like, what do we do to entertain those kids that are so bored and they don’t know what to do. Here are some helpful ideas to fill in those long summer days.

~Start some type of collection – Bugs are everywhere and once properly dried can be collected, marbles of every color and shape, coins or whatever interest them. Record and catalog information – What type of birds they have spotted, wild flowers or animals. There is not enough science in schools and what better way to learn than from hands on experience.

~Visit the Zoo – But don’t just walk through it and you’re done. Sit and draw the animals, figure out what they’re doing. Research where the animals came from and what do they eat.

~Visit the Museum – Art museum – Have them pick one of their favorite pieces of art and research the artist. Where did they come from and what other works of art are they known for? History museum – Research their favorite part of history and share what information they have learned. Build a model of that part of history. Science Museum – Find something that interest them in this area and have them research it. Build a machine or model of their interest.

~Go to the park – Pack a picnic lunch, invite some friends and have fun.

~Go fishing – Dust off that old fishing pole and take them fishing. Learn the different types of fish that they could catch. What types of bait to use. Don’t forget that fishing license.

~Go biking – Pack a small backpack with water, snacks, and drinks.

~Go hiking – Hit those trails and start walking. Find some trails that you’ve never been on before.

~Study the architect for buildings and walk around town. Take photos or draw the different designs. Research who came up with those ideas and are those designs still used today.

~Go to your Public Library – They have many great things going on all summer long. Summer reading clubs and a great place for resources and research. And they usually have Air Conditioning on those very hot summer days.

~Work on a skit or play with your neighborhood kids. Plan out a stage and costumes and invite the rest of the neighborhood for the production.

~Go to the farmers market to see all the vendors and fresh produce.

~Do community service work – Pick up litter in a park, work in a shelter serving food, or contact someone to find out where they would need help that the whole family could get involved in.

~Visit the elderly in homes; make cards for them and fresh cookies.

~Teach them how to cook and bake. Great learning experience is measuring and following the instruction on a recipe. The greatest reward is eating what you made!

~Journals – Have them write down there thoughts, feelings, and experiences. Keep them in the habit of writing.

~Write letters to friends and family. Especially if they don’t have email and send those wonderful works of art that are usually over flowing in your own home.

~Play a game – There are many great board games.

~Clean the house or organize a room. My kids love it when we make a list of what has to be cleaned. Each child loves writing down their name next to the item that they have cleaned. The list really motivates them and your not telling them what to do. Rewards are paid for all there great and hard work.

~Plan a vacation or trip. Research together the area that you’ll be going and get feed back as to what everyone would like to see. Give them a journal and have them write down what they did that day. They won’t like doing it most of the time. When they go back the following year and read it they’ll remember certain events with fond memories.

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Summer lemonade~

The weather is perfect for Lemonade!! Your children can host a Lemonade stand or just the family sitting on the porch in the evenings.
Here is a simple recipe for you to enjoy !!
~ Teresa

Summertime Lemonade Recipe~

Mix well in a 2 quart pitcher:

1 cup lemon juice
1 cup sugar
6 cups of cold water

Chill until ready to serve~

PS. For the most enjoyable lemonade experience, pour into frosty clear glasses and garnish with a sliced lemon and a fresh strawberry or cherry !!

Makes 6-8 servings ~

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