Juicy Gossip ~

How can I avoid gossiping?

1. Think godly thoughts about others.
2. Agree with friends and family not to gossip.
3. Avoid settings that lead to gossip.
4. Never name names.
5. Say nothing.

How to eliminate gossip in our lives:

1. No idle time.
2. Be wise in phone conversations, cut it short or have answering machine take messages.
3. Don’t waste time in wasteful talking. Also don’t talk too much. (Proverbs 10:19)
4. Don’t answer things hastefully, you can take time to answer questions by saying you need to pray about your answer.

Some wise advice:

1. Remember the source of slander—the devil.
2. Realize the causes–hatred, jealousy, envy, an evil eye and heart.
3. Choose your company carefully–isolate yourself if you must.
4. Choose activities carefully.
5. Praise only.
6. Pray for yourself in this area and for others who harm you.
7. Deal with gossip as sin.

What do I do when others gossip?

1. Leave the scene.
2. Declare your discomfort. “I’m sorry, maybe it’s me, but I’m not comfortable with this conversation. Could we please change the subject?”
3. Guard you facial expressions. Ex:Rolling our eyes, shaking our heads, raising our eyebrows this can smear others reputations too, or plant seeds of doubt in others minds.
4. Be ready with a positive phrase or two: ex: “We must pray for her.”, etc.

Let’s use our tongues to glorify God and nurture a heart of love towards others.

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  1. hello.thank you so much for your wise words! I keep coming back over AND OVER.I also have learned that even if people ask you just keep quiet,and do not comment even if it is a positive comment,because it can be twisted around and a rumor begins and before you know it ,a bomb explodes!!

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