Housekeeper ~

What is a “keeper at home”? In many Christian circles today, this phrase has been passed around numerous times and translated to mean many different things to many different people.

The Greek definition for this phrase is “guardian of the home.” In 1 Tim. 5:14, Paul says, “I will therefore that the younger women marry, bear children, guide the house….” The Greek word for “guide” means to “rule a household; manage family affairs.”

~ Crystal Paine, October 2004

“A woman cannot be the ruler of her home if she is rarely there or if her chief concerns lie in a career that requires her to give her children to someone else to raise, neglect her role as helper to her husband, and let the culture of the home be guided by others (pop culture, peers, television, etc…)”

~ Jennie Chancey , August 2004

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