Mother Dearest ~

Mother Dearest~
My teacher, friend, wise role model! My super model of femininity! Faithful example of truth and prayer! May you always know that I love you! I wrote this poem for you. You are my sunshine and I want to give some back to you!

Love Always,Ya Girl !

~To My Mother ~

Life is a delicate balancing act,

So easy to lose tract,

The things you want to do,

Crowd the things you ought to,

And loving words that should be said,

Often float through my head,

But lately I have caught myself,

Pushing them like on a shelf,

Always to the back of my mind,

Waiting to for a better time,

But now the kind thoughts come less often and slow,

And I hope that I haven’t lost my inner, happy glow,

Bringing smiles from heaven to earth,

(Myself) This vessel the Lord to me did intrust,

Should be used for bring blessings,

Encouraging thoughts, words that are uplifting.

Forgive me mom, for being absorbed so,

In my own life that I don’t give off that inner glow,

Which God gave daughters the ability to show,

This is a gift, that is a choice I know,

For I have chosen to use it and to hide it,

But from now on I hope to shine with it,

For the glory of my King,

Let His praises ring!

The world tries to replicate the glories of holiness,

But first hand I have seen the difference!

May I dedicate this vessel for authenticity,

Only pure, holy, clean and lovely!

Be on heart, mind and lips,

For God’s consent, may all might and soul be His!

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  1. Very beautiful!

    • Thank you so much !!

      Bless you 🙂

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