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Do you have young men in your family who are in need of some encouraging help in regards to Character Building? Personal Help for Boys is designed to help boys who are nine (9) and older with Biblical perspectives toward life and those who are around them. It is a wonderful tool to use with a group of boys, a father and son, or for a young man to sit alone and complete as a character study! It will definitely aid in building a firm foundation that will help them grow from today’s boys into tomorrow’s Godly men!

Personal Help for Boys gives firm counsel in the areas of:

* Boys Make Men
* Dangers of Influence
* Appearances Deceptive
* True Young Knights
* Battle With Self
* A Successful Life Plan
* The Surrendered Life
* Ideal Boyhood
* Father, Priest in the Home
* Honoring Mother
* Politeness
* A Boy’s Taste in Reading
* Writing
* Seven Guidepost
* The Need for Christ
* A Few By-Laws for Living
* Character
* Indolence
* Industry
* Integrity
* Influence
* Choosing a Vocation

And More!…


Personal Help for Boys & Workbook $28

Extra Personal Help for Boys Companion Workbooks – $11.95 each

For ages 9 and up.

can be purchased at :

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