Chasten thy son ~

Chasten thy son while there is hope, and let not thy soul spare for his crying.” Proverbs 19:18

Begin young enough. Neglected too long, it may be too late. If the child grows up getting his own way, never learning to love to submit to God and his parents and the church, he will be a rebel and a wayward son.
Generally, loud crying and screaming during a punishment indicate unbrokenness. A broken, submitted child will not do much crying, usually, even though it is punished rather severely. Loud , wild crying is a tool of the flesh; it is rebellion pleading for survival.
When a child has had sufficient to break his stubbornness, he can be told to be quiet and he will obey and stop crying and sobbing,
Begin as soon as the infant stiffens itself in resistance to what you expect of him. Restraining him to be uncomfortable until he stops resisting you can be a very effective method of correction at this age. But it must be done consistently every time the stiffening occurs, and promptly so the child understands. Or perhaps a few smacks on the seat just hard enough to communicate your displeasure can be effective. But, again, they must be applied promptly and faithfully every time resistance occurs.

taken from the tract: The Responsibility of Parents in Teaching and Training their Children,
Rod and Staff Publishers

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  1. haha So true, children need to be taught self control! But he is so cute, it would be hard spank him! 🙂

    • I know he is a sweet looking fellow, but he is needing lots of work !!!

      Tough Love ~


  2. How true this is! I have two boys (5 and 4), and how I wish I had been more consistent with them when they were younger! I feel like I’m playing catch-up now with their behavior. The whole thing about being broken and submitted is so true with us, and with my 4 year old it seems much quicker for him to become broken and submitted. But my 5 year old (6 in Aug.) sometimes it seems he never gets to that point during the punishment (rod and reproof time), he can be quiet and still during the punishment but I can see from the look on his face that he is still angry. Any suggestions for this?

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