Needing Him ~

I need thee, oh I need thee, every hour I need thee…..
Oh bless me now my savior… I come to thee
~ hymn

“Ye shall … find me, when ye shall search for me
with all your heart.”
~ Jeremiah 29:13

The first and the decisive battle in connection with prayer is the conflict which arises when we are to make arrangements to be alone with God every day.

If the battle is lost for any length of time at this point, the enemy has already won the first skirmish.

~ O. Hallesby

The more helpless you are, the better you are fitted to pray, and the more answers to prayer you will experience.

~ O. Hallesby

To pray is to let Jesus into our lives. He knocks and seeks admittance, not only in the solemn hours of secret prayer. He knocks in the midst of your daily work, your daily struggles, your daily “grind”. That is when you need Him most.

~ O. Hallesby

No Time For Prayer:
I woke up late, no time to pray, I hurried off to school.

I failed to take advantage of this important tool.

Throughout the day I ran about, I had no time to kneel.

When dinner came, I failed again, to thank God for my meal.

When day was done, I went to bed, to get the rest I needed.

But once again the Bible’s call for prayer was left unheeded.

One busy day my soul was called, to answer for my deeds;

And as I stood, I realized I had denied its needs.

My name was called, and I stepped up to hear my sentence quote;

Yet all I got, to my surprise, was a little paper note;

And on this parchment God had written a message, oh, so true.

“You always failed to talk to me, why should I speak to you?”

~ Anonymous

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