Unhappy Housewife? ~

Could any of the following be the source of your unhappiness?
taken from: Fascinating Womanhood Workbook, Helen Andelin, 1969

1. Laziness
2. Poor housekeeping
3. Failure to prepare good meals regularly
4. Neglect of the children
5. Don’t spend enough time with them, training properly
6. Husbands faults irritate me
7. I focus too much on money and material things
8. Fail to follow through with the things I plan to do
9. Easily offended
10. Hold grudges
11. Too critical of myself
12. Gossip
13. Never pray
14. Never read the scriptures
15. Lack of appreciation for the simple pleasures of life

” No one can get joy by merely asking for it. It is one of the ripest fruits of the Christian life and like all fruits, must be grown.”
~ Henry Drummond

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