Homemaking Routines

Homemaking Routine
taken from: http://www.homemakingorganized.com

Let’s look at an example of a weekly homemaking routine…

~Monday – Clean bathrooms and wash all kitchen and bathroom laundry.
~Tuesday – Indoor plant care and iron anything needing ironing from the day before. Detail clean kitchen.
~Wednesday – Clean and declutter office area. More laundry. Library day.
~Thursday – Purge fridge and start planning next week’s menu.
~Friday – Wash all bedding
~Saturday – Errand day, drop off at Goodwill Donation Center a few bags
~Sunday – Lord’s Day, Day of Rest

This a very simple example of my weekly homemaking routine. These are some of the things I do each week to keep the home life running smoothly. As you can see I don’t do the same thing every day. I don’t need to. I don’t need to run errands every day, nor do I need to plan my menu’s on a daily basis. This routine does not show my child’s activities or my work. It is an outline to remind me of the perfect day of MY week to get a household chore done.

So how about putting together your own weekly homemaking routine and using a lovely piece of paper post or put it in a place you check often. You know, to inspire you. Next to the family calendar, in your day planner, or a decorative notebook you use to keep notes.

Be encouraged !!

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  1. Hi

    Where did yo get all these great pieces of art?

    I am always looking for “vintage” type art. I purchase mine from http://www.istock.com.

    I am always on the hunt for a new source!

  2. You have a very lovely site. Thank you for sharing!

    • Thank you for your sweet comment. May God be glorified !!

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