Ironing his shirts ~

Here are a few tips that I have learned over the last 25 years of ironing his shirts every week.
~ Teresa

* I wash his shirts every other week. I iron them every week but only machine wash every two weeks. This keeps the life and color in the shirts longer.
* I use Faultless spray starch faithfully.
* Spray every piece before I iron it. Ex: I spray the collar, iron. Then the sleeves, iron. Spray the front, iron. Spray the back, iron…so on
* When I use the dryer it is important to hang them up the minute the dryer stops or they will wrinkle and the work is much harder.
* When I hang them up to dry or put them on the line, I spray them heavy with spray starch while they are wet and then put them on a hanger neatly. This makes the shirts much crisper when they are ironed. I like to do this on pretty sunny days.
* I use all white plastic hangers. Originally I bought a 10 pack of hangers every weeks until I converted every hanger in the house to white plastic. I use the thick white pant hangers for the pants and regular white hangers for shirts. Creates a sense of order when you look into the closet.
* Do you hang all your hangers the same direction?? I do.
* His white dress (Sunday) shirts I send to the dry cleaners every other time they are worn. They just look better with heavy starch from the cleaners to me.
* The best way to stay on top of the ironing monster is to pick a day of the week or two days and be faithful to iron those days.
* It is so embarrassing for him to not have a clean ironed shirt to put on or to be asking…hey I have not seen and so.. shirt in weeks, where is it…oh no. I try hard to avoid those days:-)

I want to encourage you to train your daughters to iron well. Your boys need to be able to iron as well. But, especially the daughters..

Happy ironing 🙂

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