To Do List ~

The thrill of a check mark is a good feeling to me !!!! Strange I know. Oh well, it’s true.
I love the fact you can see things actually getting done. It is a friendly reminder of what you wanted to get done today.

RELAX ~ rarely do I have everything checked off for the day. Simply move the things that did not get done today over to tomorrow’s list at the end of the day. Right before bedtime or early early in the morning take 10 minutes and write down your list for the next day.

Take your To Do notebook with you everywhere. I jot down all kinds of things in the margin during the day on my To Do List. Phone numbers, groc. list, decorating ideas, thoughts that randomly pop in my mind, etc. Take it to town with you, take it to appointments, take it to the groc. store, etc………

You can always go back several days and see what you have gotten done and have a good feeling of accomplishment. As a busy woman sometimes we beat ourselves feeling like we are going all day long and getting nowhere. But, with a check off list even the simplest things get a check mark and make you feel like a real domestic queen for the day !!!!

Another thing I like about my written To Do List ~ is that everyday it is different. There are new things for each day of the week. I have tried the typed To Do List and they never work because everyday is different. So when you write it down you are in charge of what goes on the paper.

Be sure and leave some room at the bottom for adding things that pop up that you weren’t expecting. Yes !!! I write down the new things I did that day that weren’t on the list just so I can see the check mark…. It’s GREAT

I do not like to strike out or draw lines through my accomplishments that day because I go back often and reread my list when I am making a new list and I need to be able to read the items I have listed on my list. Check marks or X’s are better, I think.

Sometimes I have a page of longterm goals or shorterm goals on pages between the pages of my notebook. I have gift giving list in there on the months that I need to shop a lot. Also, there are times that I am out and see a great idea in a magazine that is not mine, I can jot down the idea or recipe or website on my To Do notebook ~

Here is a sample of my typical ~To Do List~ :
~ Prayer
~ Make bed
~ Cook breakfast
~ Vitamins
~ Clean kitchen
~ Exercise video
~ Shower, dress and hair
~ Start laundry
~ Emails
~ Children on schoolwork
~ Plan dinner
~ Vacuum downstairs
~ Mop kitchen
~ Reboot washer/dryer
~ Check mailbox
~ Post on blog
~ Phonecalls
~ Dust master bedroom
~ Feed/water chickens
~ Rest time
~ Work on rental business Q.Books
~ Start dinner at 5pm
~ Finalize today’s laundry
~ Put out any hotspots in house
~ Set table
~ Family dinner
~ Clean kitchen
~ Family time
~ Prepare for bed
~ Read my daily bread Bible portion
~ Hugs and kisses to children
~ Check doors, leash on dog
~ Prayers
~ Lights out

If you aim at nothing you are sure to hit it everytime ~ Zig Ziggler

~ Teresa

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