Clean Cupboards ~

It only takes 15 minutes to put a kitchen cabinet in good order. It does not take all day to reclaim victory in your cupboards 🙂

~1. Set your timer for 15 min. and remove everything out of your kitchen cabinet (one cabinet at a time). Maybe only one a day.
~2. Wipe down the inside shelving with a damp cloth or baby wipe. Use hot soap water if it is really dirty.
~3. Put things back in a neat and organized fashion remembering to disgard and throw away anything that is old, broken, un~used or no longer needed.
~4. Label your containers and shelves for the ultimate orgainzational appearance.
~5. Once the cabinets are in good order, take 15 minutes a week to watch and maintain your hard work. Keep them nice 🙂

Close the cabinet door and you will S~M~I~L~E the next time you open it to get out something. Yes, it is worth 15 minutes !!!

Also don’t forget about your cabinets under the bathroom sinks !!! YIKES, it only take 15 fast minutes to be proud of them, again.

Still want more order????. peep into the linen closet??? Take it all out and refold it and stack like minded things together. Throw those old ball-ie sheets out, those towels you got for your wedding shower 10 yrs ago, they are dead !!! Buy 2 new things a week until slowly restock your linen closet with fresh nice bed linens and towels….you’ll be so glad you did.

~Keeping the House in order~

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