Washing Dishes ~

Washing Your Dishes By Hand
There are two methods you can use to wash your dishes by hand. One requires a double bowled sink and one is for those with just one sink in the kitchen. Besides that, they take roughly the same steps. Before you start the actual washing process, you should scrape any leftover food into the trash. You can also run it through the garbage disposal, but then you risk clogging the sink.

1. Fill the sink with hot water
Use the hottest water that you can without making it so hot that you burn yourself. Don’t fill the sink all the way to the top, since you need room to drop the dishes in. Make it about half full. If you’d like you can fill a large bowl in the sink instead of the sink itself. This will make it a little easier if you have to change the water.

2. Soak pots and pans
If you have any dishes that have baked on grime that will be hard to get off, such as pots or casserole dishes, fill these dishes with the hot water as well and set them on the counter so that they are out of the way. Let them sit for about ten to 15 minutes. You can also put smaller dishes with baked on crud in these pans, such as spatulas and knives.

3. Add soap
Add a couple squirts of dish soap for hand washing to the sink and stir it around with your hands to make a uniform solution with lots of bubbles. If the soapy water is hard on your hands, you can wear a pair of rubber gloves. This will also protect you from cutting yourself on any utensils.

4. Start washing
Begin with the glasses and delicate plates, such as those used for dessert. Then proceed to the dinner plates, and then the pots and pans and utensils that had been soaking. Simply immerse the dishes in the water and scrub any grease, sauce or food off by using a kitchen brush, sponge or steel wool pad. Since steel wool can be abrasive, don’t use it on dishes made from delicate materials, like stainless steel.

Replace the water and add more soap whenever it becomes too full of gunk to really clean any subsequent dishes.

5. Rinse the dishes

As you finish with scrubbing each dish, you want to rinse it off under the tap, or in the second sink if you’re using the double-bowled method. For this method, you can simply fill the second sink with lukewarm water and dunk the dishes in to rinse them, replacing the water as needed. If you don’t have a second sink, just rinse the dishes under the tap. You may need to drain out a little of the water as you do so. Using lukewarm water is fine.

6. Check the dishes
After you rinse each dish, double-check that you’ve gotten it completely clean. Any remaining sauce or food will be fairly obvious, but you may have to remove your gloves and check with your fingers to ensure that you’ve gotten off all of the grease. If any amount of soil remains, repeat steps four and five. If you still can’t get the dish clean, you can try soaking it longer or using a stronger cleaning solution.

7. Dry the dishes

Once you’re sure each dish is indeed clean, dry it off using a dish towel. Don’t use a bath or hand towel since the lint may stick to your dishes. You’ll want to dry the dishes as you go, not save them all for the end, since you don’t want them to get streaks or spots from sitting wet. If you can, recruit a friend or friends to help you dry. It’s an easy task; they’ll still be your friends after this. If this isn’t an option, you can leave the dishes to dry in a drying rack. Be sure to put bowls and glasses in the rack upside down so that the water doesn’t pool.

8. Put the dishes away

Put the dishes away in the cabinet after you dry them. That way they’ll be easy to find later and harder to knock on the floor and break.

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